Incurable & Possibilities

I had a thought this morning I’d like to share with you.
Many times we hear that a condition is untreatable, the treatments are not working, the disease unresponsive to treatment, or that there is no cure. We hear this in Western Medicine.
There is a reason it is called practicing medicine because all of us are learning and truly we are all practicing. So when you hear the words ‘no cure’ or ‘We don’t have a treatment’ for you, or that your disease is ‘incurable’ I want to point out that this only means Western Medicine cannot help you. It doesn’t mean you are beyond help or that you cannot then go seek out answers elsewhere.
If a bank tells me they cannot loan me money, does that mean there is no money? No, it means I take my business elsewhere to get the money I am needing.
Now go explore the possibilities just opened up in what is contained here.    And be blessed.