Preventive Maintenance & Daily Lifestyle Detox

Functional Medicine, Detox for You & Your Pets

This week I heard two things that set my mind on fire. Someone was using the cleaning product Fabuloso and another, after reading my post on ‘crooked butt syndrome’ explained her spayed 4.5 year old female would be taken for therapy just as soon as she begins to see signs of mobility issues. Firstly, it is very important to clean up the environment the animal and we live in. Next it is critical that we take seriously the work of daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance and understand just how important it is.

With a certification in Plant-Based Functional Medicine coaching working as a Lifestyle Detox Consultant and Canine Massage Therapist, I am passionate about evangelizing on detoxing our lifestyle and amping up our preventive maintenance because it is so important for the entire family, including our pets. Therefore, I am a brand partner for certified organic and wild-crafted safe home and personal care products and superfoods supplements for both people and pets to help my busy clients make good clean decisions that are pure and potent and not carcinogenic but life affirming. If you would like guidance here or to discuss kindly reach out. I don’t do big sales pitches, I am just here to help as a guide with what I know so far.

We are all at various levels of awareness. This is based upon how we were raised, who we hung out with, where we are going right now in life, how busy we are and where and how we choose to continue our education. It is my belief that here is a practice. We practice everything because here we never get it 100% all in. But if we are doing it right, we continue learning and doing better and are both leaders and mentors as well as students and grasshoppers. We can be both in one day.

Preventative maintenance is about taking care of you, your family, your pets, in such a way that you keep the systems humming rather than waiting on a breakdown landing you or them in the hospital. Our furkids rely upon us for everything, from when or if they get a walk to what and when they eat and when they can get out and potty. We orchestrate their lifestyle, co-create their resilience and happiness and finally, hold their lives in our hands with each decision we make for them.
Because they have no choice, it is very important to understand that what we use around them as well as what we feed them and what importance we place upon Veterinary checkups and maintenance therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage, all have a huge impact on them from temperament to how long they live and the quality of it.

BAD ATMOSPHERE – Fabuloso off-gasses so badly it has been equated to smoking a pack a day. Someone on one of the pages I am a member of noted their dog was having bad skin reactions and this stuff was used to clean the floors. By stating this I am not saying that this product was the cause, but it certainly is not a helping agent either. When we eradicate all the man-made chemical stew in our lives, we live cleaner lives that help our liver and kidneys and bodies detox and also not have to work so bloody hard at it. Our air, water and soils are no longer pure. At my home, we purify the air, the water and use only organic soils. Food is wild-crafted or organic. I incorporate juicing and superfoods into my daily lifestyle and that trickles down to the fur kids who are also on the superfoods I sell and recommend. Nothing is perfect but everything, every step helps. Its important to just take the small steps.

Rather than feel overloaded with everything about your current lifestyle (and that of your pet), that you must now change, please think of it as a loving embrace with each baby step you take. If all you can do is one step today, just take that one and don’t worry about step two until later. No pressure, life is already full of it. Just love ♥

In the above photo, I am drinking a green juice, an Hippocrates Recipe. When I post I sometimes get an ‘Ew, I would never…’ But like most things, there are easy ways to incorporate detoxing foods and beverages and household cleaners, foods, cosmetics, and personal care into our lives that are easier than we ever thought.

Just like human babies, animals roll around on the floor, lick their feet, put things in their mouths when you aren’t looking and absorb their environment. From pesticides and antifungals to what you wash their clothing and bedding in, everything we do adds up into what is known as a ‘body burden’ of chemicals our bodies store in our fat cells. This is one reason eating meat is toxic, because plants don’t store toxins in the same way animals do.

I am not here to make everyone go plant-based so calm down. 🙂 But I do want you to be aware that even the very cleanest of meat, fish, poultry, has some toxic components due to its nature as well as how man has brought harm. Nothing is pure anymore. So minimizing animal products, going organic when you do, and putting a focus on organic produce is in your best interest.

For the true carnivores, Lamb and Turkey are the least toxic. We have a growing puppy right now and so I focus on the cleanest organic dairy, eggs and meats possible for her with loads of veggies and organic mix ins, from Honest Kitchen and Dr. Harveys primarily or I make everything from scratch. Both of these companies offer full meals, just add water or you can shop your own protein and add to a mix in which is what I typically do. Our pup is a big fan also of Stella & Chewys. And for whatever reasons, our kitties are too, provided I do NOT rehydrate the product. So I just assure they have plenty of water.

Animals hide their pain