Critical Supplements – What They do, Why You need them

Two of my adorable patients, Biggie & Tater Tot ♥

You don’t need to shop with me, but it is kind and nice if you do as this is how I make my living, coaching on lifestyle detox, proper supplementation, and species-appropriate diet, for families; for pets and their people. ♥ In the dropdowns are wellness supplements I sell/advocate for. Feel free to reach out with questions.

Critical supplementation includes bone & Joint, Probiotics, Superfoods, and digestive enzymes. Supplements should always be food rather than synthetic-based and bonus points for being organic.

Food is medicine. Food, the nutrition we take into our body, as well as avoidance of any man-made chemicals we ingest either by eating or by applying on our person, are the very first steps to look at when looking at living the longest, most abundant, resilient life.

People will say they will check with their doctor/vet or they’ll take Something for joints but wait on something that helps the digestion, hold off switching to holistic home-prepared food until the medicines for diseases, such as diabetes or cancer are in place.

A friend, just 60, noted she can no longer stand on her own, she can’t make it to the front door. My neighbor, just 40, died yesterday, colon cancer. Dogs (and cats) are dying of the same diseases we are ramping up on and we are now seeing that 50% of all canines will get cancer in their lifetime. According to Medical News Today, 1 in 2 women, and 1 in 3 men in the US will develop cancer within their lifetime. The goal is to minimize damage to our DNA. There are 90,000 man-made chemicals in the world with not one place pristine any longer. While nothing is a magic bullet, daily exercise, getting out in nature, living as cleanly as possible, eating clean wholesome food, proper supplementation, and purifying your water are key elements to thwarting disease, keeping mobility up, and living robustly.

Herbals and Culture – Cultures found healing herbals from the very beginning, by watching fellow animals heal themselves with it, rolling in or eating specific plants. There are Jungle, Asian & Indian Ayurvedic herbs.

Superfoods STEP ONE – Go organic and wild-crafted, no heat applied, gently air-dried, and preferably powder rather than a capsule. Watch out for ingredients like Mag Stearate, fillers, maltodextrin, sugars added, and any man-made chemicals. When looking at superfoods, there are alkalizing greens and antioxidant reds. There is such thing as food combining, for proper digestion, ease on the body to absorb these nutrients. The mark of high though, high quality is when you see a company that separates out their superfoods fruits from their veggies. Only avocados can bat in both camps well. Superfoods come in abundant sources. I like to get everyone on alkalizing greens, to detox the body, mediate inflammation and spark healing and vitality & recommend taking the Super Reds at another point during the day. Because our crops have been dumbed down with soil erosion, lack of rotation of crops, pollution, we now require superfoods to augment our daily food intake, to add missing micronutrition. When the body is missing something, it robs from the bones and teeth. This also happens to humans when we eat meat, sugars and acidify our system. The body robs our bones to help alkalize again. Eventually, we suffer a weakened structure. So, superfoods are basically amping up your nutrition, which is huge for the prevention of DNA mutations/thwarting cancer and other illnesses. I am also a huge fan of medicinal mushrooms.

Probiotic – STEP TWO – Gut-Brain Health! Probiotics should be taken every day with meals and are so vital. A healthy gut kills off diseases before your body is taken asunder. Probiotics help build up good intestinal flora and are THE primary thing that keeps you healthy. I have a beautiful organic probiotic that contains fermented superfoods that both animals and their people are on and I also have a pet-centric one that also contains enzymes too, for digestion.

Enzymes – STEP THREE – Most of us eat cooked food. Anything cooked above 118 loses natural enzymes and vitamins. It may taste good, but it has been denatured. Imagine kibble for a moment because, sadly, that is what MOST dogs in the US are on….every day…..and that is something I aim to change. Avoid anything overprocessed, high heat extruded, mas produced. That really is no longer food. Enzymes are natural ways the body digests or processes what we eat, making everything we do, more bio-available to us. For people, anyone above 30-35 really needs to be on daily enzymes ahead of their meals, raw or cooked. Also of note is the fact that raw food requires far fewer enzymes for the body to make so it is far less taxing on the body to process raw prepared food, such as vegetables, salads, than it is for anything cooked. One of the reasons elders have more bruising and thin skin is that they lack the enzymes to properly digest what they eat. Enzymes are life.

Bone & Joint – STEP FOUR – Yoga and exercise is very important and so is vibration therapy which has been proven to increase bone density! I use vertical vibration therapy in my practice for sarcopenia, muscle atrophy, lymphatic drainage, mediate inflammation in the body, and strengthen a dog recovering from hind end weakness or surgery. You also want a good bone & joint supplement that is food-based. I have a lovely feline supplement for the kitties that is an overall tonic and for the dogs, I have 3. In my 30s-40s, I was really unclear whether I was throwing away money at these supplements. Did they really do a thing? Now that I am in my 60’s, firstly, thank you, younger self, for doing that and yes, I absolutely do notice a difference on days I forget to take my bone and joint supplement! I also notice better energy and stamina when I take my daily superfoods and notice when I miss a day.

I will close simply reiterating that our bodies are amazing healing machines, equipped with an awe-inspiring immune system and the very best that you can do is feed it using mostly organic and wild-crafted food and supplements and not skimp on these very important 4 key supports!