Green MLM Opportunities – Essante & Miessence Reviewed!

Hi.  Being organic for over 2 decades, I am passionate about sharing pure, potent and truly green products.  I also need to earn a living.  Maybe you do to?  Perhaps you have tossed out all the bad toxic skincare in your makeup bag and decided to go green and need a safe place to shop.

Today’s topic will center on 2 great MLM opportunities, both as a shopping experience and as an Independent Consultant looking to make a living.

The average person applies between 120 and 200 toxic industrial chemicals before 9am.  The goal in representing these lines is to offer least toxic alternatives to a varied client base.  Everyone is in a different place with what they like to use. Repping for these lines has allowed me to test a lot of products and share my findings from my own research.  I currently rep for all 3 lines.  Each one offers a few different products that the other doesn’t and each has their own pluses and drawbacks.  What I like with supporting these three is that this allows me to work with a client and completely tailor my product suggestions to their budget and personal tastes while assuring that what I am offering is less toxic, potent, more pure and effective.  For those of you interested in building a business, I work this angle too, because I rep for these lines with the intent on making a living at it.

Below are the links to check each one out, just click on the names:



Most of us work at something to create a living that supports our lifestyle.  What I love about doing this blog is bringing you ways to become healthier, happier and more centered, helping your creature features (the odd adorable fur children occupying a place in your life) via my PurePet articles and for those curious, business opportunities as well.  For those curious about beginning a blog business, kindly direct your gaze to my ‘Getting Started’ page.  My quest firstly was to detox my own skin, body and home care routines.  When I realized how bad most products actually were, my quest became about sharing what I know.  Taking a year off work and training with Hippocrates Health Institute was a 360 for my life.  This training came on the heels of just having lost my mother and a brother to cancer, and hearing the sad news that I had other family members terminal with the disease. I felt led with a stronger resolve to share out my detoxing message to as many folks as I can.

With my Plant-Based Lifestyle coaching, I began looking at products I could talk about and feel great about sharing.  Most of us want to look our best and feel our best.  The philosophy here is inside out and outside in whole health.

Even someone who is on the ultimate raw, sprout filled, green juice imbibing plant-based diet will have holes in their nutrition.  This is because our planet is so polluted, our soil so eroded, that we both lack and require more than what the best diet can provide.

And it may sound crazy, but you would be just amazed at how many clients I talk to who are vegan, watch what they put into their body, but haven’t really given a great thought about their skincare or home cleaning agents.

Because the body absorbs at least 70% of what is applied topically,  what we come in skin contact with, what we clean with, use as deodorant, colognes and moisturizers matter…a lot.

Supplements – ONLY 9% of Vitamins on the market are good.  The rest contain motor oil, coal tar, turpentine, petrochemicals, talcum powder (a carcinogen) and are very unhealthy!

And so it is with my bent on detox, on products that are from green companies who actually care, that I bring you this review.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  🙂

PRODUCT LINEUP – This company is coconut water based with a focus on organic and wild-crafted ingredients.  This line has just launched a clean mascara and eyeliner pencil. They have a yummy lemonade tasting selection of lip tints/glosses that aren’t sticky.  They have a good anti-aging firming trio for skincare as well as a rejuvenating skin cream I use twice a day, that helps with dark spots and other sun damage,  a non-tinted lip balm and an oh my lord good body butter. There’s a nice face wash, toothpaste options, hair care, laundry soap, sanitizer that is no fragrance, stabilized oxygen that kills off 98% of any germs on contact.  You can spray this on cuts, in the locker room (there’s a purse size too) or use on the kitchen counter as we do because we cannot keep our kittehs off the counter!  Oh, a great natural bug repellent, yummo superfood & other supplementation and organic therapeutic grade essential oils.

SIGNING UP! It’s $29.95 to join and then you choose your products.  You can just shop retail and try the products or you can go wholesale or and get one shot at this, you can sign up and get a pack at below wholesale prices.  I would suggest the large package so that you can fully immerse and try many of the most popular products out.  The compensation plan is good with a 30% Commissions paid weekly plus additional incentives.  (Reach out I can help.)

THE GREEN-  Essante is a mix of certified organic and wildcrafted.  Unlike Miessence (rated below) it is not 100% organic meaning they rely upon growers for most ingredients.  Essante also gets a lot of great wild-crafted meaning there is no pesticides and the produce has been raised in the wild with great soils.   Prices on their superfoods reflect this.  The brand uses Greenpeace Award Winning Organic Palm Oil.  They are non-GMO and cruelty free.

TOXINS – The brand states they are ‘Certified Toxic Free’. Looking at a few of my favorite products – Essante NaPCA Calming Toner Mist & Z3 Holywood’s Anti-Aging items –  Um…not really seeing any science here, no chemicals stand out for me.

CLEAN VERDICT –  Really clean product, with certified organic and wild-crafted green ingredients you can rely upon to be pure and effective.

PRODUCT LINE UP – Great SuperFoods powders (green, alkalizing, probiotic) Their reds has dark cacao in it and is delicious!  I also get their fulvic acids monthly, this is a primordial ancient soil mineral complex really hard to find.  There’s a nice enzymatic house cleaner and some very nice skin and body care.  As with Essante, these products are some of the best I have used.  I adore their Eye and Neck Firming Serum and won’t be without their hand cream or Rejuvenating Skin Conditioner, which is perfectly light and penetrating in the heat of Texas when you need moisture but not a ton of creams on your face, neck, and hands.  I also love their probiotic toner!
SIGNING UP!  – Signing up is easy but to gain commissions from sales, you are required to have a monthly spend that adds up to 75 ‘points’ which is about 100+ per month.  The products are fabulous and I get a mix of their super greens and fulvic acids so it’s easy to meet the monthly requirement.

HOW YOU ARE PAID – This is an Australian company so when you request payment, there are conversions to your currency such as from Aussie to US currency.   Australian transfers can take up to 4 business days to clear funds into your bank account.  International transfers can take up to 7 business days to clear funds.

Due to this, I prefer to buy products in bulk and then retail it myself or if you own a shop this a perfect for that scenario.  You may also direct folks to purchase directly online.

THE GREEN-  The company is carbon negative.  Miessence is also ACO and USDA Certified Organic.

TOXINS – You can basically eat this stuff. It is all 100% food-based, from skin care to body care to supplements.


Getting back on the topic of supplementation, Alkalizing is huge.  So is Hydration and Detoxification.  Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, recommended over 2000 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”  Most folks are not juicing and dining on a plant-based diet and need a lot of supplementation.  In fact, anyone who is ‘eating perfectly’ in this polluted world still needs supplementation.  Hippocrates Health Institute is huge on juicing.  80% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. One of the large benefits of juicing is in the hydration.  Of course, when you dehydrate your ‘juice’ into a powder, you lose out on that hydrating effect, but you at least get some of the nutritional benefits.  And, as you add those benefits back into a drink/smoothie then you are adding some hydration there as well.  It’s always going to be better to control your food, buy fresh organic produce and make your own green juices at home but then there is work, travel and time constraints that most of us have.

Please drop me a line and let me know your thoughts and comments.  🙂


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As most of you know who read me, my goal is helping folks live a vegan plant-based lifestyle,with a focus on raw foods,  to make efforts toward daily detoxing and eschewing chemicals and toxins from their daily lives, from buying organic clothing to being mindful of their home cleaning supplies.

To this end, I represent 3 plant based supplement, skin and body care lines. ONLY 9% of Vitamins on the market are good.  The rest contain motor oil, coal tar, turpentine, petrochemicals and are very unhealthy! Rather than actually helping us out, they cause damage. In a polluted world, daily detoxing, a focus on a raw plant based diet and good supplementation are necessary.

You are invited to attend my Bioceutica launch this Saturday and discover great non toxic skin and body care products, custom supplements and wonderful makeup shades for the ladies. Bioceutica’s cornerstone is their customized supplements, tailored to your body, based upon test results you send in after completing your Privatest.

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