Disrespect; Scams, Cyberbullying & Trolling

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What a waste of time and life!

Love is EVERYTHING and we are failing. Manners were taught as a way of showing respect to others. Scammers, Cyber Bullies and Trolls have no respect for themselves or you. They have been caught up in a cancel culture, sociopathic, egoist, narcissistic way of being that is not mentally all there.
Last week I was a victim of cyberbullying, and not the first time. This morning, I was awoken at dark thirty to would-be scammers answering an online garage sale post off FB, asking me to send them my Google code to ‘Validate that I am real.’

I realize the world is crazy and we, as a species, are away overpopulated and under-governed by appropriate governorship. That being said, when did we lose our moral compass, sense of self-respect, and respect for others? From rampant animal abuse to humans being abused, I find it so disheartening to see. We are in dire need of kindness and elevation of thought, of deed. It seems the longer we inhabit the planet, the more sick games we come up with to harm others.

While you aim for kindness and take the high road because we should not stoop to their level ever, DO report anything that appears suspicious. Block the individual and move along…or, you can choose to play ☻

When I have time I like to ask them if they are being held captive and forced into unethical work; if they understand they are harming others, would they like to have their loved ones receive similar conversations? Do they believe in God or a dark and light side of the force, in karma, in good and evil? Are they comfortable with where their soul is going at the end of this life? Does this work fulfill them and will this work be something that soothes them at the end of their time here? I am usually hung up on. If I get a hold of a valid number, and it’s someone trying to scam folks into believing it’s the IRS, Microsoft, Amazon, or some such, typically in a call center, I am not above psycho dialing them until they are forced to block my number. These are thieves that have ripped off people I know and have almost got me too. I know that talking to me takes time and blocking my number takes some extra effort at their call center in India and while I have repeatedly called in, asking my questions, I have taken time up that would have been spent attempting fraud on someone else. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s all I have in a world doing nothing about this. I do this because nobody seems to be stopping it. And I recall a time when most calls to our phone were legitimate and only occasionally did we receive a prank call asking if our refrigerator was running and if so, we better go catch it!☻ This level of smarm is abhorrent and is a plight and colossal embarrassment upon mankind. Time is our most cherished and finite commodity. We should all be mindful of using this time wisely. That means not spending it trying to scam each other.

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Bad Karma

Defamation gets you into legal issues. It’s not defamation if it’s the truth. We can ask similar questions here. Would you like to be spoken of in a similar manner if the shoe were on the other foot? How would you feel if a colleague, friend, or loved one were spoken of similarly? How would you feel and what would you personally do if you were the one being slandered? In a stressed-out overpopulated world, with more chaos, more Karens and Todds, less accommodation, and less grace, I ask that grace be extended more. Smile at the cashier, smile when speaking online with customer service, in yoga class, at the local coffee shop, and endeavor to make some positive connections.

As you increase your positive, real – if only brief- connections, you will give yourself some happiness. We are meant to connect, hardwired for it. On this note, I believe Cyber Bullies have taken this need to connect and malformed, bungled, and deranged it in their need to reach out, to be heard, due to an imbalanced mind, with a lack of emotional intelligence so that we get the brunt of what amounts to toddler tantrums. What may begin hidden behind a laptop can also be seen at the office, on social media and in awful events such as going out into public places to act out horrific unspeakable crimes.

It may sound silly at first like snitches get stitches…but DO REPORT rudeness when you encounter it online. It is never cute, never funny and never not a big deal. We teach others what our boundaries are by what we do and don’t accept. When you allow your boundaries to be crossed and say nothing, you are agreeing to that treatment. Report any character slander, bullying, or rudeness to the page’s admin. IF you have been threatened with bodily harm, take that seriously and in addition to reporting to all other appropriate entities, also engage the police.

Lastly, no Social Media forum should be turning a blind eye to this serious issue. Whatever you represent is tainted by any cyberbullying that is perpetrated on or from your page. I work with veterinarians, rescue organizations, and fellow animal healers, and when you have a sick animal companion or one in need of rescue, it totally takes away from the message the post was written about to be filled with slander, and meanness, and rude behaviour. If your group doesn’t stop it and address the out-of-turn comments with the perpetrator, it is assumed what they say must represent you and therefore places the individual or organization in a bad light.

Recently, I suggested that a rescue group look into medical honey and PBM, (Photobiomodulation Therapy, aka Cold light therapy), on a page where a dog, awaiting veterinary treatment, had a badly injured, swollen paw & hock. Someone representing rescue chimed in with really uneducated and inflammatory comments that included slandering me. Ok, so not everyone is savvy about the healing benefits of medical honey or cold laser, but please, we can all, firstly, be professional in our discourse, say things in a nice way, ask questions if we don’t understand and do a quick google search before we say something horrible to someone. And when your comments bring slander on someone’s practice, that can cause not only lawsuits but bring further harm to an animal in need of sound help. Waiting on veterinary care, the dog ended up chewing his entire paw off. So there’s that. Applying medical honey would have aided in infection and inflammation mediation which would have reduced pain. Cold laser also helps reduce inflammation, stimulate the the bodies’ healing abilities and aid with infection, pre and post-surgery as well. Wrapping the limb, placing a donut or some other preventative on the dog’s neck so the dog could not reach his back leg would have also been helpful. Paws don’t grow back. Yet I was told MY comments were ‘Embarrassing’ and that I ‘over-estimated my skills.’ The saddest comment was ‘It is an incredibly good thing this dog wasn’t in your care.’ Why? Is that because you wanted the dog to be in so much agony he chewed his foot off rather than do something that could, firstly, not cause the situation to get worse, and actually help alleviate pain while waiting on further veterinary care?

When I see comments like these from a rescuer when actually providing free good advice to the rescue, it makes me question whether I need to support that organization with my time, thoughts and donations. When other people see someone else getting attacked on the page, it makes them wonder if they must walk on eggshells to comment and also question the professionalism of that organization.

And for the individuals who perpetrate and apparently live for hurling these insults, what on earth is it that they gain out of it? I really feel sorry for the trolls, the people who just live to insult the next victim, because whatever is going on at a soul level is no good. Disengage from these imbalanced mentals and report them. No good will come of explanation, because what they are aching for is a fight. So lose them and gain time back into your day.

And if anyone has any further great tips on how to handle disrespect, I am all ears, kindly comment below. ♥ As we stand firm in our boundaries, we will push this cancel culture out.