The wellness tools discussed here work on animals; which includes our four-legged kids and the two-leggeds (humans). We tend to have many of the same needs and therapeutic treatments. These are easy to use tools that can be done during chill time, like, Netflix and Chill Time, at home, relaxed, where you are empowered to speed up the bodies healing responses.

These are tools that I have tested and use in my professional capacity, find them to be stellar, safe and effective and so, wish to share with you to empower ongoing wellness and healing at home.

Every animal should have regular massage therapy just as they should have regular check ups. While these tools do not replace either, they go a long way to speeding recovery after injury, surgery, strains, sprains, arthritis and hip-dysplasia and should save you money on professional therapy visits as they will aid in swifter healing.

For many fresh surgeries and chronic conditions I see patients twice a week, for therapy, 4-5 sessions or perhaps weekly for 4-5 appointments to get to a place of balance and significant improvement.

All vendors have agreed with me to offer stellar customer support and swift shipping. When your animal is in pain, you do not want to be waiting long for a healing device to arrive. ♥

Cold Light Therapy – PBM PHOTOBIOMODULATION (Laser, LED)

While I have taken extensive training to do what I do, these are safe effective tools you can utilize to assist in between professional appointments that will speed healing and potentially shorten the professional treatment plan.

I highly recommend LumaSoothe and Domer laser. Click links below and note the coupon code for the laser device to get an extra discount for shopping with me!☻

Click Here to go to the LumaSoothe website
Click Here for Class 3B Laser Therapy

In my therapy practice, I use a mix of LED and Laser, pads and hand-helds. There are two light therapy handhelds I love and recommend;
LumaSoothe is a compelling veterinarian-recommended product to help with pain and healing. It is polychromatic or multi-colour LED. I loved this tool so much, I reached out to the company and received a special affiliation with them that provides my customers with swift shipping and great downstream customer service. I will also be available to provide tips and training on the devices purchased through my link so I ask kindly that you refrain from purchasing off Amazon. If you are in the Dallas area, I also stock these devices to help my clients and you may schedule with me to pick one up!

LumaSoothe On a cat With Stomatitis Before and after! My client was at their rope end trying to help a senior with a host of issues including severe and painful Stomatitis. Teeth had been removed, the painful disease continued. The cat had also been placed on a mix of herbal superfoods, Moringa and L-Lysine, an amino acid I suggested for the healing of soft tissues and an infection floral. Stomatitis was not responding favorably until PBM was introduced.

Before LumaSoothe Therapy
After PBM

Domer Laser – This is a tool I learned about during my CMFT training with Dr. Barbara. There are two flavors of this device and both, are very well priced with an additional discount using my code K9THERAPIST. The white unit is great for humans and the 4 leggeds. It has 3 808nm laser diodes and 12 650nm laser diodes. Time settings go from 15-60 minutes depending upon the concerns and the company will email you protocols. The red one is more high-powered, nearly double, specifically tailored for veterinary use, with 5 808nm laser diodes and 10 650nm laser diodes, so treatment time is shorter, beginning with 5 minutes up to 30.

Light therapy provides accelerated tissue repair, accelerated cellular growth, encouraging the mitochondria, faster wound healing, chronic pain relief and improved nerve function, is anti-inflammatory. It comes with two treatment heads; one for deep tissue/tendon and one for topical/wound/post-surgical/hotspots healing.

LumaSoothe helps to relieve pain from:

Hip Dysplasia
Bursitis & Tendonitis
Cervical & Lumbar Spine

Additionally, LumaSoothe comes with a second treatment head for topical issues such as:
Post-Surgical & Injury/Wounds
Topical Infections
Dermatitis, Hot Spots, Mange
Promotes Hair Regrowth

Click here to go the LumaSoothe website
Professionals in Practice: IF you are interested in marketing and helping your patients and clients in this way, you may inquire and set up an account using the following links:

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Click Here for Class 3B Laser Therapy

There is a misconception that laser classes indicate effectiveness for light therapy. The Class ratings are Hazard Classes defined by the FDA to indicate the level of danger potentially exposed to the user and patient. Both LED and Laser therapy tools are very bright and should never be pointed at the eyes or looked at directly.

Photizo is another powerful handheld light device I also use in my practice. Photizo Vetcare is a hand-held, rechargeable, LED light therapy device for animals that provides a 30 second pre-programmed, effective dose of healing red and infrared light for the treatment of many chronic pain and inflammatory conditions. The Photizo stimulates healing, relieves pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, calms muscle spasms, and effectively treats skin conditions, post-op areas, wounds, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle injuries, sprains, fractures and more.

Both lasers and LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are capable of producing healing light at the correct wavelengths. However, LEDs provide more coverage than laser and don’t require any eye protection. LEDs deliver light over a more broad area, but at lower power. Their greater area coverage allows the maximum number of cells to receive beneficial light stimulation, with a faster treatment time than lasers. Laser is a more concentrated, deeper focus, great for pinpointing one target area. I use both in my practice.

SMALL + LARGE ANIMALS: The Photizo Vetcare is effective at treating animals of all shapes and sizes. With the Photizo, you can effectively treat cats, dogs, rodents, horses, livestock, birds, and reptiles. Many animals find Photizo treatments extremely pleasant, and get excited as soon as the light comes out!

The Best Bang For The Buck is the LumaSoothe. As I stated earlier, I like to mix LED and laser together, so if you have the cash, I would get the white Domer laser and the LumaSoothe. If you are wanting one great tool and to save money, just get the LumaSoothe. ♥☻♥

PEMF Tools:

PEMF therapy. Many of my clients are familiar with an Assisi Loop, Centurion and Beamer which are all very expensive or in the case with Assisi, not as full-spectrum and short-lived.
For those of you who don’t know about Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field devices, it harkens back to earthing or grounding, it acts as a battery charger for your cells. There’s an array of healing it offers, such as bone loss and muscle atrophy because it stimulates healing and repair at a cellular level. The waves created by PEMF devices occur in brief bursts which are very low-frequency, like the electromagnetic waves found in nature and most waves involved in PEMF treatments have a lower frequency than you would be exposed to during a thunderstorm. There are several devices out in the marketplace with frequency and duration being a big differentiator in the healing. Really, the goal of this therapy is daily use.
Last year, I partnered with OMI, Oxford Medical, and have used their full-body mat since. For most folks, however, I would recommend saving some money and purchasing the OMI PEMF MINIMAT / Chair Mat – 24″ x 16″ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy pad which is a great size! You can lay on it, throw it over you, good for small and large dogs etc. I use the large full body as I have clients, me and a dog typically on it at the same time. The full body is lovely and folds up nicely and is lightweight. There’s a lot of reading but they compete with Beamer, same frequency and far less costly because it is not structured as an MLM. Assisi has a finite lifespan and a different wave pattern although it is a good veterinary tool. The biggest difference, other than price, between Beamer and OMI is that Beamer offers battery which is huge convenience out in the field. OMI is coming out with battery options as well so you may pre-order! They offer Equine therapy as well. Right now, they are offering a free OMI PEMF MEDALLION – Pulsed Electromagnetic Device – Portable PEMF Local Applicator – With the purchase of a full-body mat at a sale price!

Vibration Therapy & Compression

For those who see old 60’s films about health spas, where a belt was strapped around your middle and set to jiggle, vibration therapy really is a great thing and has come a very long way.

I utilize a vibration plate in my practice and equate it with rebounding on steroids. It moves the lymph for a big detox on the body as it helps with sarcopenia or muscle wasting/atrophy, brings fresh oxygenated blood to the entire body and helps tone the whole system. 30 minutes working out on a vibration plate is equal to an hour working out without one. I typically have the dogs on a low setting for 5 minutes at a time to help them both detox and gain stamina.

In addition to having this available during scheduled therapy sessions, this is something you and your pup can enjoy at home. Use SUZANNEOBRIEN coupon code for an additional $10.00 off!

I have partnered with LifeProFitness that is both reasonably priced and offers a great warranty and a sturdy machine.

I have a client that uses one at home now to help her Pug lose weight and gain muscle mass. She puts her dog on the plate for 10 minutes at a time and keeps his interest using a licki mat with peanut butter. ☻ Also check out the vibration balls and Thrive X Compression Boots! Great for people with edema and leg cramps.

Professionals in Practice: IF you are interested in marketing and helping your patients and clients in this way, you may inquire and set up an account using the following links:

LUMASOOTHE AFFILIATE/WHOLESALE: Click HERE To set up your LumaSoothe account

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