Holistic Pet Food – Viva Raw & Dr. Harveys

There is a lot of misplaced trust, confusion and questions surrounding pet food today. So what is holistic pet food? Holistic means whole, basically, where we take a look at the animal companion as a whole being and based on what we are presented with, provide a whole body, whole being approach to wellness. Hippocrates said let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

Food truly can be poison or a potent healer. Cars need gas or electricity to run. Our bodies are electric, sparked by good nutrition and avoiding contaminants.

The best food for us (and them) is least processed, freshest, and unadulterated with poor manufacturing, pesticides, travel times, GMOs etc. Putting your animal companion on a species-appropriate meal plan can aid in resilience and life extension.

VIVA RAW has frozen meals for dogs and cats, made with fresh meats, veggies and food-based (never synthetic) supplements. Enjoy 20% off your first order by using this link: vivarawpets.com/PURE Customers who checkout with this link will automatically have 20% off their first order. You can also return and use code PURE when shopping.

Resilient health begins at the food & (purified) water bowl. My goal as a lifestyle detox consultant and a massage therapist is to empower the pet parent with knowledge and products they can use at home to increase longevity and robust quality-filled life. For those local to Dallas TX, I proudly offer Dr. Harveys holistic food and supplements. Support local small businesses! IF you are interested in learning more about this clean food and delightful supplements, full of organic superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, tailored for life stages, Kidney, etc. I am happy to help guide you with ordering. While a keep a few things on hand, I do bulk orders monthly with special orders for clients. My big European Doberman, Rhett, had what is termed renal failure allopathically and Kidney deficiency in TCM at just a year old. With compromised Kidneys, this meant doing a lot of heavy lifting to educate myself and explore all ways to clean up Rhett’s lifestyle, from shots to food to what I cleaned the floors with. Dr. Harvey would actually get on the phone with me. My boy at 9.5 had no gray hair, remained in early-stage renal per his regular testing, had springy joints like a puppy per his chiropractor and never once required medical attention, subcutaneous fluids etc. I attribute his robust powerful presence to this food and why I am excited to share it with my clients to help their fur kids. ♥ Call, text or email me if you are in Dallas.

If you are not located in Dallas to pick up holistic supplements and food, you may source them through Chewys. Across the US: Not only is the staff at Chewy’s helpful and friendly, but there’s also a wide selection at good prices. As a canine therapist, I love that you can purchase agility training and strength/rehabilitation tools!

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