Canine Feline Bone/Joint Superfoods

Before looking at the links and information further down this page, I believe every dog (and human) should be on healthy vital food (not syntethic) based supplements and superfoods. The reason is that our earth is polluted, the oceans, the soils (plus errosion) and our air. This is hard on the body. The very best produce lacks the nutrition it did 30 years ago (soil errosion and todays factory farming techniques that are all about greed rather than health). So even on the best freshest organic lifestyle, getting supplements that provide micronutrients is vital.

There are superfoods for feline and canine here plus bone and joint supplements via NuVet and all dogs should be on a bone and joint, started out as puppies and on into adulthood to thward future problems. I hear all the time ‘I’ll get him on a bone/joint when the time comes.’ That means, when I see my boy is struggling to move and in pain. Don’t wait for damage and pain. Prevent it.

Vegan Omegas – For Dogs and cats! Fish are overfished, depleted and there is the concern of plastics and pharmaceuticals and other toxins in the water and in the fish consumed. I have partnered with Mr Ros Marine Phytoplankton founder, Gijs Starre, to provide a terrific alternative. Get a healthy, energetic, and relaxed dog with naturally grown marine phytoplankton powder; no pesticides, no chemicals, all-natural!

Less itching, scratching & shedding, Silky soft coat & fur. It also helps reduce your pets’ joint pains, arthritis, inflammation, and allergies. A powerful antioxidant that helps avoid many serious health issues such as
IBS (Irritable Bowel System), and helps to form red blood cells


Mr Ros marine phytoplankton is a high-quality source of pure and natural essential nutrients for the body and mind. Mr Ros Marine Phytoplankton is harvested from our sustainable algae farm in the Netherlands and directly packed, unrefined, and with no additives. It is grown in water that is extracted from an ancient subterranean seawater aquifer, free of pollutants. No pesticides or herbicides are used. The result is pure, premium-quality marine phytoplankton full of health-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Canine & Feline SuperFoods –
Both Hip and Joint support as well as the superfood, Nuvet Plus, are food-based with NO synthetically derived ingredients. From body welts and other skin conditions to a sluggish immune system and allergies, adding micronutrition to your pet’s food is vital to longevity and resilience.

What about Food Alergies? We don’t (or shouldn’t) basically eat the same meal day week and year in, day, week and year out. The reason is that we miss out on micronutrients and we over dose our bodies with particular phenols. Phenolics are in all foods. Our bodies, and that of our fur kids, can build up food intollerances over time. For these two reasons, I promote a varied diet as well as superfood supplements.

These are palatable with chicken liver and I had a recent question come up about chicken alergies. When we see chicken alergies, typically, the response is to what’s ground up with the chicken meat, such as beaks, feathers, fecal matter etc. It is rare for the animal to have a reaction to organ meats so this supplement should be well tollerated as well as delicious. ♥

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