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Canine Massage, CBD Balms & Tinctures, Organic Essential Oils, Light Therapy Devices, PEMF, Vibration Plates, Nutrition Guidance & Consulting, Holistic Treats, Food & Herbals, Florals, Alkalizing Greens, Supplements, & Superfoods, Organic & wild-crafted skincare, Homecare, Personal Care

CANINE MASSAGE! Member of IAAMB/ACWT – Certified Canine Massage Therapist trained in the following Modalities:
CMFT (Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy, Acupressure & Laser Acupuncture, Reiki Master, T Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, ANMR – Neuro-Myofascial Release, Kinesiology Taping, Aromatherapy, Florals, PBM/Cold Light, Vibration & Sound Therapy

RATES Consults $25.00 – Great for out-of-state clients looking for nutritional or at-home therapy guidance.
Animal Massage $85 per therapy session. This includes any & all modalities, such as laser or LED, Reiki, florals, aromatherapy, used in the session. This makes it easy for the pet parent with one flat cost as each session is tailored to the individual dog (or cat). A session is typically between 30-45 minutes with the first session usually taking a bit longer.
$325.00/5 session package Great for Chronic conditions or Foster/Rescue, purchase a block of therapy to be used within the year and save!

Bodywork is a VERY good value! Veterinary offices charge as much as $85.00 for a laser session and $65-$95 for a 30-minute office visit. PureTemple therapy sessions provide quality hands-on time with the animal, including various massage & therapeutic modalities tailored to your fur child that really make a healing difference in your pet.

Products I Sell/Market on my Website – For any questions you have on the products I promote, there is no charge to explain them to you and answer any questions. The items I promote are all companies and products with exemplary effective and clean products that I have researched and use myself.
Rhett Before Treatment, sudden onset Spinal Trauma
Artemis Lillith Puppy Massage Training
Rhett AFTER Treatment
Rhett enjoying a brief massage with a walk-on appearance from Loki
Buck Getting some ANMR Massage Therapy

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Vitality begins with our lifestyle choices. How we live affects our entire family, including our fur kids. Trained in Functional Medicine through Hippocrates Health Institute, certified in animal massage & nutrition through Holistic Animal Studies, we provide canine therapy, nutritional/supplement guidance & offer wellness products & tools to empower people & their fur kids. From clean, organic personal care products to mobility tools, supplements & CBD that can help the entire family. Not to be missed is our Dr. Harveys holistic food and supplements for the four-leggeds in your life. ♥ Just like MDs, veterinarians are not taught nutrition in vet school. Like me, they must take additional studies to provide nutritional assistance. If you are seeking quality meals for your furkid, in addition to amazing therapeutic animal massage, you will find great information here!


* Before Vet visits to calm and relax
*Prior to Acupuncture so treatment will be the most effective
* Before Animal Chiropractic so treatment will be the most effective
* Monthly or quarterly as maintenance
*To remedy muscle and tendon imbalances, aches & arthritis, and spinal trauma
* Ahead and after sporting events to improve performance and reduce the potential of injury
* Hospice care and comfort


* Schedule for a time when your dog is normally relaxed, not during or immediately after eating
* Groom or brush your pup will help minimize shedding and aid in palpation
* Evacuate/Go Potty before the therapy session
* Provide a CBD treat is optional to help your dog relax
* Let them know where they are going. I see many clients weekly and monthly. The dogs learn fast where they are going and look forward to it!

Location – We are located just down from the Dallas Arboretum. People comment on the peaceful Spa atmosphere. I’ve even had people fall asleep. Rather than a clinical atmosphere, the setting is calming, homey for the client and patient. The air and any water used are purified. The materials used are natural non-toxic fibers. If your pet is infirm, house calls may be scheduled at an additional charge, please inquire.

What’s involved in a therapy session? – Sessions include an experience tailored to the individual dog, (occasionally a kitty), pulling from various methods. I utilize tools, oils, light therapy, laser acupuncture, PEMF, a far and near-infrared crystal healing mat, vibration plate, sound therapy, Kinesiology Taping, LED & laser tools, and a release tool as part of ANMR, and use the combination of modalities best suited for your pup.
ANMR is a technique that addresses any muscular hypo or hypertonicities by re-establishing proper neurological input and directly releasing the spasms or trigger points in the muscles. This technique is a cornerstone of my practice and allows the body to align itself rather than providing specific force to the bones to change their position (chiropractic) ANMR is a great adjunctive, along with general massage, to chiropractic work.

Session length is dependent upon the dog, with most sessions being 30-45 minutes. Massage therapy goes so much deeper than just petting, it is energy work and while it can be delightful for the pup, it is also a lot to process. Significant detoxification takes place with bodywork as well as healing. They tell me when their session is through. Beyond getting in my acupoints and any ANMR & PEMF therapy, I honor when the dog is ready to go.

Covid Practices; Can I be there with my dog? During Covid, Masks are worn during therapy along with a safe stabilized oxygen sanitizer spray. Many times, the clients are down on the mat holding their dog or just enjoying the PEMF/Far/Near-Infrared energy while I work. I believe that by healing our fur kids, we also gain healing too and it is a calming influence for the dogs to have their humans there and participating. Plenty of space is allowed between Sessions so that we have time to clear the energy, sanitize the room, and prep for the next patient. I do not keep folks waiting. If you arrive early and the prep work ahead of your appointment time gets done earlier, I will text you to let you know to come in and we’ll begin your session early.
There is space to schedule just 3 – 5 dogs per day. At most clinics, rooms are reserved for 30 minutes. We are a small practice with a focus on healing, not money. Your session time is reserved for you. Last-minute cancellations mean we lose the opportunity to help another animal. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please provide at least a 24-hour notice to avoid an appointment charge.
My dog may bite or be aggressive: My hands are my livelihood and with them, I provide a space for healing many fur kids. Please muzzle your dog with a basket muzzle before the session if you are unsure whether your dog will be able to relax and not be a bite risk. ♥☻♥

HOW To Schedule
– Via veterinary referral or you may contact us directly to schedule your appointment and bring the completed new patient forms (see download docs below) with you to your first appointment. Please and particularly if your pup has experienced major trauma or illness, take the paperwork to your veterinarian to get a referral so we may work together as wellness partners for you and your pup.

Why is a Veterinary Signature Requested?
– Massage is not a replacement for appropriate wellness checks and veterinary care. While Animal Legislation laws do not currently specify veterinary approval for massage, we want to rule out anything serious such as broken bones, cancer, or any issue that would be contraindicated for bodywork. If your dog is undergoing any standard treatments, surgeries, etc it is important to know so that we can partner together to speed healing, such as with light therapy and kinesiology taping pre and post CCL surgery.
Please download and complete the two forms below and bring them with you to your scheduled appointment. I look forward to being a wellness partner and helping your furkid feel and function better. ♥

Healing Expectations
– Your pup will most likely need a few sessions. Therapy is not a magic pill. In most cases, just like with acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, or any physical therapy you may have gone through yourself, results are individual, cumulative over time, and require you to adhere to the treatment plan suggested. Although this does happen, it is rare to have a situation where one session results in 100% cure.
The difference between pharmaceuticals (pain meds, steroids & bodywork is that pain meds will block the symptoms (pain & discomfort, inflammation) temporarily, as a mask, whereas therapy resolves the imbalance. If the imbalance is sudden (acute) It may take fewer sessions and chronic conditions, those situations where the dog has been limping, stutter walking, moving with a hunched or roached spine, or what have you for months or even years, will typically require several treatments to regain balance. Older dogs and those with arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma, or other longer-term complaints may require weekly or bi-weekly therapy to regain mobility before migrating to a maintenance plan. Obviously, anything broken, torn most likely requires surgery. So far, every individual who’s followed the treatment plan provided has seen great improvements in their beastie & is off all pain medication but we must honor each animal as an individual, consider the condition and then honor the healing process. I say all this because I get the odd individual who brings their pup once or doesn’t follow the treatment plan and expects magic when their dog has had a months-long or year-long chronic condition. I wish everyone the healing they wish for but also the grace and patience to receive it.

I build a relationship with each animal and we co-create a space for healing. Some animals require more time to build trust and completely relax which helps me go deeper in my work. I always honor how far they can go during sessions and this usually changes as we progress. I’m not here to just take your cash. If what I am doing is not helping your dog, or I believe additional therapy is necessary, I will refer you to another practitioner.

Share us WIth Your Vet! DFW is only beginning to grow in holistic awareness. Best life quality is a complimentary mix of holistic and allopathic wellness. By sharing our value with your vet, you provide them healing options they most likely didn’t know existed! Sharing your story and experience also helps other pet parents and literally saves animals by giving your veterinarian a place they can refer their clients to so that together, we help every pet parent find the holistic work they are seeking for their fur kid and gain further resilience and longevity.
For veterinarians in the DFW market who are unfamiliar with small animal therapy, we’re happy to work and partner with your veterinarian and explain what we offer. For those needing veterinary recommendations, please see my ‘recommended page for veterinarians who can also get your form signed as well.

My Training: I took the bulk of my training through Holistic Animal Studies. Angelique Barbara is a practicing Vet and chiropractor who is very thorough in her teaching. I am approached regularly by folks who wish to learn this practice either for their own pets at home or for their own healing business. For anyone with either interest, click on Holistic Animal Studies to learn more.  I spent 2016 studying at Hippocrates Health Institute certifying as a Functional Medicine Coach with a passion for lifestyle detox and wholesome food.

Do you diagnose injury or illness?
As a wellness partner to your veterinarian, my practice focuses on holistic therapy, pain mediation, nutritional guidance, and disease prevention. Only a licensed veterinarian can provide you a diagnosis. That stated, if I see anything that I believe to be suspect, I will bring it to your attention and suggest you see your veterinarian.

Get the right harness and use collars as jewelry only.  My dog loved his bling as we called it, but after cervical damage, we never used them again when walking on a leash. Get THE most comfortable and safe harness for your dog. Get 10% off with this link.   
For every canine, there is a massage/energy work modality that is beneficial for them on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. From providing hospice care comfort to managing arthritis, spinal trauma, anxiety, grief, socialization, pain, athletic tune-up, and overall wellness. Massage therapy is not a bunch of Karate Chops (tapotement) nor is it all floofy petting. Physical therapy & massage engages the dog, assists with detox, clears the lymphatic system, adjust spinal alignment, boost the mitochondria, provides pain management as it guides the body into balance and healing for a host of other issues from gastrointestinal to sarcopenia.
While it is great seeing the ‘miracle’ dogs (and cats) those who go from barely able to walk or paraplegic to bouncing with exuberance and physicality again after several sessions, I want to make pet parents aware that bodywork is really something they should incorporate into the lives of every animal in their care. Massage is fantastic for a healthy pet to keep her range of motion, get the lymphatic system pumping and amplify the detoxification process while encouraging the muscles to stack the bones correctly, reduce inflammation and stress in the body and minimize downstream imbalances and keeping her resilient.

My Story: At 9 1/2 my 110lb Doberman suddenly had neurological issues from spinal trauma that eventually had to be addressed.  After the emergency vet recommended putting him down if he wasn’t better in a few days or do MRI and surgery, I found a holistic way to completely heal my boy.  It was seeing the miracles happen right in front of me while hearing of other pets put down way before their time that informed my career shift.   Regular maintenance, such as Chiropractic and massage, and acupressure extended his quality of life massively.   See for yourself!  All non-invasive therapy, 3 months of bi-weekly and weekly treatments gradually tapering off to monthly maintenance to keep him balanced. 

What Clients Say!


 Rhett Before Treatment, sudden onset Spinal Trauma

Rhett AFTER Treatment

BALANCE YOU – LIFESTYLE DETOX PRODUCTS FOR PEOPLE – BE RESILIENT!  How we live affects our entire family. Trained in Functional Medicine through Hippocrates, I offer beautiful clean personal care, skincare,  superfoods supplements, CBD, PEMF, Vibration Therapy Plates, and home care to help you detox your lifestyle and grow in resilience too!

The average person puts on 200 toxins by 9 am. I took my primary training with Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into the training I took,  for your own needs or to coach others,  click on Hippocrates Health Institute, the link embedded will take you to a free syllabus.

Feel free to ask any questions and post comments!


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