I Was Turned Down To Adopt At A Rescue

Let me preface my story with the fact that I have great relationships with several local rescue organizations that have no issue handing over the leash to me.

Next, I FIRMLY believe in the integrative approach whereby Allopathic or Western Medicine and Holistic modalities work together as this provides the best options and outcomes for whole body wellness.

I have been looking a few months now for the right dog, the right energy mix, to be a companion & provide ongoing play dates for my 3.5-year-old Doberman girl who is high energy and really needs this. We also have 4 cats. So we need a dog that can be gentle and respectful with the kittehs, and get on well with Artemis the resident doberman.

There have been challenges. Firstly, I cannot go to the shelter and just choose because I need to trial this new pup to assure it’s a good match. While my girl is super playful and typically engages in play with most dogs, she can also be easily intimidated and then won’t play. We spend time walking and allowing her to meet the new dog, then tell her it’s a play date, then have her get comfortable with things in the backyard.

One wanted to eat my cat and I was actually charged for the session. Another, a terrific and playful 40lb dog that looked like a mini-me of our girl who weighs 80, was far too intimidated by our girl to engage in any play and bared teeth. We recently met this strapping young Dober boy that I fell totally for. She didn’t. He had a long show crop and was super sweet. His bark and looks reminded me so much of our Rhett, whom we lost 3.5 years ago. I so wanted this to work. The dog was used to cats and chill around them. And while one meet/greet does not the entire story make, when you have a foster driving 1.5 hours one way to make this happen, that means that if that first try didn’t spark magic, there most likely won’t be another shot.

Because of what I do I am plugged into the rescue community and so when I put the word out I was seeking (most likely another Doberman) that is chill, playful and loves cats, I had some lovely people start looking and keeping an eye out for me. ♥

A fellow animal professional sent me to Mazie’s Mission to look at the handsome devil below. One of his photos is snuggling with his cat buddy in the fosters home. Sold, I must meet this boy and see if he and my girl would be a good fit. I never got the chance.

What was stunningly shocking, and particularly in this day and age, is that the rescue organization (run by a vet, so you would think they know better) turned me down flat.

Not only was I turned down, but their reply also was both very rude, and condescending and slammed my practice: After talking with our Adoptions team and volunteer board as well as reviewing your website, we have chosen to explore other applicants for Figment. Thank you for your interest!

Meet Figment…Because I never will. Will he ever find a good home what with all the lifestyle judgement and micromanaging?

Spreading ignorance is sinful, living in ignorance is embarrassing.

Why was I, a pet professional, turned down to adopt or, heck, even look at this dog in person and have a meet and greet with my girl? Because I take a holistic integrative approach to wellness, use a TCM Heartworm prevention, advocate titers, second opinions, and minimize shots to what’s needed. I don’t buy into the harmful and unnecessary ( causes illness, cancer, early death) annual boosters, I was flatly denied meeting a dog I was interested in. My holistic practitioner website was actually even cited as a reason?!?! Ok, fair enough, now here is this article and now you have good reason. ☻

Even though my vet can confirm my girl is testing HW negative and that she’s there every year for her annual check-up (I am a responsible pet owner), I was totally shuttered.

So this is a great time to share a personal story of a cat that nearly died due to vaccinosis. This is also a good time to share a patient’s story of healing from cancer, getting boosters and immediately taking a turn for the worse necessitating in her being put down.

Ting nearly died due to vaccinosis. The apartment complex demanded ALL VACCINES for the cat to remain in the home. I am NOT opposed to vaccines when they are needed and one at a time, not in a group and where necessary. Unfortunately, we have people with zero animal healthcare training (or those who have not kept up with recent times and studies) demanding veterinary treatments that are killing our companion animals who have zero say in the matter and that is cruelty. It is cruelty to the animal first and their people secondarily who are either stuck with a dead companion or with thousands of dollars trying to save the animal downstream due to vaccinosis (what happened to Ting the Russian Blue.)

Do your research because many of the vaccines we administer as puppies last many years or provide lifelong immunity. Dogs Naturally Magazine is a good source to begin your research as well as discuss with your holistic or integrative veterinarian. And while I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, there are some decent animal wellness pages that discuss Trifexus, HeartGuard and the like, to ones dedicated to holistic therapies. Again, filled with pet parents and professionals that can provide good information. There’s a FB page on Ovary Sparing Spay (and Vasectomies) that provided me immense help in my decision with our puppy.

Back to my cancer patient – The dog was given 3 months to live. Because I sell Dr. Harveys and they have a cancer-targeted food, people Google and find me at this stage. To be frank, by the time we have diagnosed cancer in a dog, the prognosis is not a good one. But I am always up for the healing miracle and failing that, more quality time. This patient was given 3 months tops to live. The dog was lethargic and in pain. She was put on Dr. Harveys Paradigm, Solaris, a medicinal mushroom herbal blend, Vengenz micronized immune supplement, sent home with a PEMF mat and I was getting regular updates. Daisy was gaining strength and energy. She was feeling better. Daisy began feeling so much better that her people took her to the vet to be groomed. I had cautioned them about doing any vaccinations at this point due to her touchy immune system. The vet, where she was getting her grooming told my client that her dog could not be groomed without the boosters!!!!!!!!! This is the very same vet that provided the dire prognosis (which the dog was just over the halfway mark, or per that veterinarian, had another 5 weeks of life left) and yet they were focused on getting her up to date on her annual boosters that ultimately caused her to seize and be immediately put down. She had been feeling better. Yes I am still angry over this 2 years later. Sure, the dog may have succumbed to cancers long reaching tentacles at some point, but why on earth hasten it with boosters that the dog, a senior who was always in the house, didn’t need?

This is a great time also to share with you that I have been using Pawhealer.com’s HW Herbal prevention for over 14 years now. My guys always test negative and here in Texas, you MUST be a responsible dog owner and provide ongoing prevention. Clearly, this stuff works. I also have clients on this prevention as well with success and my holistic vet, Trisha Ballard began using their products 14+ years ago after I introduced her to them. She has also used their HW treatment to rid an animal of HW such as for rescues that came into her practice.

I wish we were not bullied for wanting what is best for our animal companions and applying current data and education in these efforts. But the stories above show how behind the times many organizations are.

YOU are ALWAYS going to know your animal the best. They trust you. BE THEIR BEST ADVOCATE. By that, I am not saying all shots are bad. or all medications are bad. What I am advocating here is that pet parents, as I have done, go do their research. Plug into a veterinary community you resonate with, that has a good track record, knows their stuff and can help guide you to making the best decisions for your animal companion.

With 50% of dogs now getting cancer and with our shelters overrun and quality animals being put down every day, I would hope that we who are in the business of healing & rescue work, can all, rather than insulting people, refocus priorities to that of educating ourselves, step into the future of healing by at least understanding there are ancient complimentary, sound and effective modalities that have been around MUCH longer, and work from a place of acceptance and what is honestly best for that animal.

IF you are a rescue organization, you KNOW how many dogs are desperately seeking homes. Turning down great, loving, quality homes, particularly with someone that is a pet professional, just gives a black eye to your rescue and also other groups. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard ‘It’s just easier to buy from a breeder!” It’s always mind blowing when we choose to harm animals out of ego and short-sightedness.

Don’t be sidelined by these personal attacks (Oh, yes they absolutely are personal!) when you are at the clinic or looking at adoption. Do your research and hold fast to your beliefs. The right dog and the right practitioners are out there for you. ♥