Brilliant K-9 No Pull Harness


Get the right harness and use collars as jewelry only.  My dog loved his bling as we called it, but after cervical damage, we never used them again when walking on a leash. Get THE most comfortable and safe harness for your dog. Get 10% off with this link. Use code ‘ PURE’ to receive 10% off!

The reason I went from a career in Project Management to Canine therapy is because of spinal trauma in my own dog. Even low grade ‘gentle’ pulling, over time, can affect the spine, throwing it out of alignment. This affects how the CSF, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid, traverses this freeway to communicate between the brain and body. Not only does this affect movement of the limbs that we often see in a lack of grace, stumbling, or worse, but also this can affect the kidneys and other organs. ANMR and Chiropractic has been shown to resolve animals with Kidney problems where it was the cause of a blockage in CSF communication.

During my training, I was introduced to Teri Jaymes at Brilliant K-9 who has worked to create the most ergonomic harmesses that help your dog with pulling habits.

An ounce of prevention….♥

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