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The average person puts on 200 toxins by 9am.  From hormone disruptors, liver and kidney-damaging carcinogens, to chemicals that affect our lungs and blood, the onslaught is daily and creates what is known as a body burden that ages us beyond our years.  

I am a Brand Partner for Miessence, an eco-focused company producing powerful boutique, certified organic & wild-crafted products, made fresh in small batches to order so they are pure and potent when you get them. I do my research, based upon my Functional Medicine Training with Hippocrates before any company goes here as a recommendation. The average corporation doesn’t care about your health or well-being, they want profits.  My motto is Planet First (without Mother Earth we have no home) People, all other Animals, then profit.  I sleep well at night and hope that you do as well.

MIESSENCE ONE ORGANIC – One of THE BEST skincare lines on the planet. ♥ Their superfoods are also amazing.

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Some of my favorite products are the Probiotic, which is non-fecal tract and chock full of fermented superfoods. I also adore the Berry Radical which has dark chocolate in it. Nothing has fillers. For skin, I am NEVER without their Hydrating Serum. I’m in my 60’s so I use the Rejuvenating Hydrating Serum. It is light, a bit of a gel and soaks in swiftly. It is perfect in the sweltering heat of Dallas TX. Their Firming Eye and Neck Serum is also the best! I severely damaged my skin with too much sun. I am so thankful to have found Miessence. ♥

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