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Is your countertop cleaner safe enough to eat? Is it safe enough to spray on your child, on your dog, a cut or in your mouth to stave off a virus? Do you wonder what fillers are in your protein shake or superfoods powders and supplements?  The average person puts on 200 toxins by 9am.  From hormone disruptors, liver and kidney damaging carcinogens, to chemicals that affect our lungs and blood, the onslaught is daily and creates what is known as a body burden that ages us beyond our years.  

I am a Brand Partner for Essante and Miessence, two eco-focused companies that produce powerful boutique, certified organic & wild-crafted products, made fresh in small batches to order so they are pure and potent when you get them. I do my own research, based upon my Functional Medicine Training with Hippocrates before any company goes here as a recommendation. The average corporation doesn’t care about your health or well-being, they want profits.  My motto is Planet first (without mother earth we have no home) People, all other Animals, then profit.  I sleep well at night and hope that you do as well.

Each of these companies brings something different to the table in the way of skincare, homecare and superfoods supplements. Some folks want land-based superfoods and no algae, no spirulina, for example. Or if you’re looking for a clean organic mascara, you’ll want to click on Essante for those. And the sprout sterols are amazing! I will recap a few of my favorite things and key points for each. Keep in mind these are my opinions and your needs may vary. ♥


Essante – From a clean beautiful organic mascara (hard to find!) to their alkalizing greens superfood where 1 small scoop equals 5.5lbs of organic superfood produce, this company has some great clean products! Ron Schneider, Essante’s  immunoenzymologist has co-created Super Sprout Sterols.
What is harmony in the immune system and why sprouts or sprout sterols? How to quiet autoimmune conditions? I have been comparing, as I do, another company with a Plant Sterol product that helps regulate the immune system, specifically for autoimmune conditions. Coming from my Hippocrates Health Institute training, I understand the importance of taking your sprouts and was excited about our Super Sprout Sterols launch!
Why Sprouts?
♥Sprouts have the most nutrition of all land-based foods. 40-60% higher nutrition in sprouts vs the fruit of the plant later on.
♥sprouts contain glucosides, a pre-sugar molecule found only in sprouts that have a profound impact on our T-cells and immune robustness. I like to say my immune system is Jason Momoa. ☻
♥ The goal per my Hipp training is to eat 2-4 cups daily; Half of each plate should be sprouts. This is primarily for glucosides and nutrition.
♥In nature, the glucosides are typically a 23-1 ratio which equates to pounds and pounds of sprouts daily.
♥Who’s eating enough sprouts out there? I grow them and I’m not!
♥ Our Super Sprout Sterols contain a 1-1 glucoside ratio!
♥ A good cheat – So you’ve heard me talk about them before, but every morning, on an empty stomach, I take the Super Sprout Sterols. Non-GMO, organic hybridized greenhouse created sprout supplement that contains a 1-1 ratio of this glucoside. It takes 6-9 months for full saturation to boost the immune system cells 5-6 times their size.
♥Another company is selling a non-organic plant sterol supplement for balancing your pet.
♥ The key to a healthy immune system is BALANCE.
♥Plant Sterols, while they may support immune balancing, do not contain as much nutrition or glucosides.
♥Super Sprout Sterols are organic (no pesticides, higher nutrient content) and contain glucosides totally missing in the plant sterols product, (or the cheap Chinese byproduct sterols used in margarine)
♥The company I am comparing sells their bottle of plant sterols for $82.00, ours is $65.00.
♥Helpful for all immune conditions because it helps to balance your (or your pet’s) immune response, modulating the immune system by up-regulating it when weakened (e.g. chronic infections) and down-regulating it when it is overactive (e.g. autoimmune disease).

MIESSENCE ONE ORGANIC – One of THE BEST skincare lines on the planet. ♥ Their superfoods are also amazing.

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Some of my favorite products are the Probiotic, which is non-fecal tract and chock full of fermented superfoods. I also adore the Berry Radical which has dark chocolate in it. Nothing has fillers. For skin, I am NEVER without their Hydrating Serum. I’m in my 60’s so I use the Rejuvenating Hydrating Serum. It is light, a bit of a gel and soaks in swiftly. It is perfect in the sweltering heat of Dallas TX. Their Firming Eye and Neck Serum is also the best! I severely damaged my skin with too much sun. I am so thankful to have found Miessence. ♥

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If you are looking for a business opportunity and are passionate about helping people detox their daily lives and saving the planet, there are sponsorship opportunities!  Reach out and I am happy to help answer any questions you have about products or becoming a Brand Partner.

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