Purify Your Water

Your water is toxic. To what level depends upon the city you live in, how close you are to agricultural waste, farming, pesticides and this includes well water too. The sad truth is that man has added chemicals to and our eroded soils, polluted the air, and dumped waste, pharmaceutical drugs, plastics, mercury, and other noxious substances into the water all life must have in order to live. Water is life. Everybody has a budget and your personal situation that may prevent you from installing a whole house filtration system. So here are some great options that run from pitchers to under sink to the whole house.

In my research, one of the things I was trying to get away from is plastic because, again, our oceans are full of it. So while the Zero water pitcher is a good one and I do have one, I also switched up recently to a Berkey filtration system and can tell a big difference in the water quality! I think as the filters are set up to retain the good minerals as they capture the bad and filter that out before you sip.

For quick water, while entertaining, I also picked up the stainless beauty above, the PH Vitality, which has zero plastics. Also, this pitcher, as it naturally treats your water, also adds minerals too. Most of us are mineral deficient and this can cause issues with our bones and teeth particularly as we age.
The average person drinks 8 cups of water per day, so with two people each filter lasts 106 days, and with 4 people using the filter, it lasts 53 days. pH ON-THE-GO can also be used in any container of your choice, meaning you can take the filtration out, it comes with a storage bag, place it into your travel mug and go! I love the look of the pitcher and gave one to my sister in law who has an apartment and she loves this water!

When we bathe or shower, we ingest about 6 cups of water through our skin. This means we are taking on chlorine which is actually a deadly gas created for wartime efforts, as well as other toxins in the water. I am saying this because you really do need to not only think about the water you drink on purpose but all water, from the laundry to your shower. The most important would be drinking and cooking water and then onward from there. What you need to know is that ALL water now has plastics and pharmaceutical drugs in it. All water. This is why fish is now toxic and should be left off your and your pets plate. The water is carcinogenic. The municipalities do not spend the money required to filter out all the bad stuff before supplying water to your home. What you and all your neighbors use as laundry detergent, pharmaceutical drugs you take or flush down, all the myopic pieces of plastic, all go into our drinking water. If you spray round-up, that carcinogen is also going into the groundwater and back into our drinking water. We are all accountable for what we do and we can all co-create change by doing better. One step is the purification of all water coming into your home and at least what you drink.

The two companies noted above have links that will take you to those sites. I have personally met with each owner and support what they do. Mention PureTemple for a discount.

CWGs Dr. Speiser lectured at Hippocrates Health Institute. He works globally and will analyze your water and work with you to put together a water treatment plan that works best for you, your water situation, and budget. Roy got into this business due to a personal passion for raising awareness of how polluted our municipal water supplies are and helping folks detox this vital necessary fluid. This can be a kitchen filtration set up, filtration for your showers, or the whole house.

Nivian Water is located/works in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I met with Justin Patman at first by sheer chance, he was at Costco on the day I was buying groceries and we got to talking about pollution and factory farming which lead to water pollution, and him explaining what he does. All over a smoothie in the cafe area of Costco. The treatment system uses metal tanks, no plastic, and a natural coconut filtration base, which is housed in tanks in the ground. The filtration media is replaced about every decade. Unlike many home filtration companies, where you must hire a plumber to install your purchase, Nivian fully installs their water system.

So whether you are looking for something for travel or just for drinking, you definitely do need to filter your water for health reasons, for you and your entire family, don’t forget the fur kids! These are some terrific options that cover all your needs. ♥

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