My Training

I took my animal-centric training with Dr. Barbara. You may click below to get further information as well as take a look at classes yourself. IF you choose to sign up for a course from Angels animals, I ask that you tell me so, as an alumn, I can work with Dr. Barbara and be assigned as your mentor. ♥ Additionally, prior to signing up, reach out to me because there are coupon codes offered a few times a year and I am happy to provide you a code to save if there is one available for you. ♥☻♥

Whether you are in rescue work, a veterinarian, vet tech, pet parent, or someone who has simply always loved and felt aligned with our fellow animals, it is so rewarding to help them and to actually save lives. This is a necessary and growing field. ♥

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Lifestyle Detox For People & Pets – In 2016 I spent the year studying at Hippocrates Health Institute. After certification as a Functional Medicine Coach, then proceeded to help people and pets as a Lifestyle Detox Coach. There’s so much pollution, from products we buy, the air we breathe, the soil we grow produce in, our water with plastics, chemicals, pesticides and mercury, and the overprocessed foods we eat. The body just gets exhausted and ages well before its time. I can help you find ways to ease the body burden and live resiliently. ♥ If you are interested in taking a very deep and personal dive for yourself, your family or to coach, click on the link to obtain a free syllabus, share the knowledge gained and help the planet. Free Hippocrates Syllabus!

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