Green Juice Recipe For Detox & Rejuvenation!

So, our world we live in is so damaged and, consequently, so are we.  The air we breath, the water we drink and the food we typically buy(if not organic) is filled with pesticides and other contaminates.
 Each one of us carries what is known as a body burden, which is the storage of toxins that each of us personally carries.  These toxins, stored in our fat as our body’s attempt at protection from harmful things it cannot process, eventually wreak havoc.
I lost my dad, my mother and my brother to cancer.  My other brother and cousin are currently sick with cancer.  Prior to her death, mother stated cancer was after the family, taking us all out.  But i know that while each of us carries cancer, carries some mutated cells, our bodies have the ability to fight, given the tools.
90-95% of cancer is from what you are exposed to.  The remaining 5-10% is genetic.  This means we can win this if we treat our miracle machine right.
The green drink pictured above is 1 cucumber, a small chunk of ginger to taste, half a bunch of celery and a cup or so of sunflower sprouts.  I also add in a cup of pea sprouts too,  but I didn’t have any on hand today.   You can add lemon, or cilantro,  and leave out the ginger, play around a bit with it, perhaps adding Turmeric instead.   I use Turmeric alot, for its magnificent anti-inflammatory properties, which are magnified with black pepper by the way.   See my other blog post on the iPlant sprouter review and I’ve included a link to purchase if interested.  I grow my own sprouts.  Eating as much as I do of them, it’s the best and freshest way as well as the most variety.  There is also another blog on the Angel Juicer I own and love. Celery is high in beneficial enzymes and helps the body regulate its alkalinity, helping to protect against an acidic body.  Cancer doesn’t thrive in an alkaline environment.  Cucumber is high in chlorophyll, copper and calcium and sunflower sprouts are high in zinc and B vitamins and are beneficial to the nervous system.
You want to drink the juice down within 15 minutes of juicing.  This is to avoid oxidisation which robs vital minerals and vitamins.  Think of a freshly cut apple turning brown or a car rusting out.  Oxidisation is the interaction of oxygen molecules and whatever substances they make contact with, from metal to living tissue.  We want to avoid it on our cars, our food, our person.
Many folks eat processed foods, pastries, coffee in the morning when our bodies were designed to detox nightly.  From between about 10pm and 11am, your body is trying its level best to detox.  A great example of this is my sister in law who smokes.  In the morning, upon arising (and only then) she coughs up phlegm.  Her lungs sound healthy but they are trying to detox before she smokes again.  If you tune into your body the first few hours you are up, you can tell what areas are taking on the worst of the pollution in your environment.  Your nose may run (me) or you lungs may be trying to purge.  A neti pot is great to help detox the sinuses and there’s a post on that too!
So the thing here is that you want to honour the body’s level of efforts here by supporting it with a healthy detoxing green drink in the morning.  2 a day, one a couple hours before bedtime, is awesome!
Your skin will be cleaner, clearer as well as your whole body!