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Hippocrates Health Institute – Get Your Free Syllabus Now!

Whatever you believe you know about health and about raw foods, about how meat and dairy affect the body or how to incorporate a healthy vegan lifestyle into your life, you will come away with a full education after this course. From organic clothing, Lymph system education, water purification to delicious recipes, I encourage you to try this for free. I never got that opportunity, I just dived right on in. The money and time were both well spent! Sign up to receive the Syllabus & Free 6 Weekly Video Sessions Now!

Resilience vs Breaking Down

So much of how we think and what we think we know is based upon our culture, how we fit in and perceive the world immediately surrounding us.   

EACH OF US IS DNA but we are also programmed from the time we are born, by well-meaning but sometimes misguided family members, parents who perhaps think they are protecting us or we are learning and programming ourselves simply by watching what they do.

SLOWLY ENDING – Breakdown and age do in fact happen, but the process is significantly slower than I believe most people think.  For example, how long does your typical well made car last?  And I mean both mechanically and aesthetically.  How long should paint last on a vehicle in Texas, for example?  The car above is a 1995 Turbo MR2.  I bought it new and the photo is recent.  The paint is original and the interior looks perhaps a few months old.   We are like this car.  80% of our health comes from our diet.  Take another 20% and label that the environmental factors such as smog, smoking, stressful conditions, polluted water.

MOST OF US ARE MADE WELL – what we need to do is capitalize on as many ways to help our bodies detox, de-stress and heal, as we can and on a daily and weekly basis.  This should include fresh made green drinks, limiting sugars and processed foods and eating as much organic raw food as possible rather than cooking everything to death.  The cooking process destroys the naturally occurring enzymes that help your body process the food.  Living fast doesn’t help our body last.  Slow things down and listen to what you need. You are the director and take full ownership of your overall health. Nobody else is going to do it for you and, nobody else can do it better, really, if you are in tune with yourself.

LIVING THE LIFE! – The best way to live a resilient energetic life is to put some work into that.  Take up yoga, even one day a week.  What I discovered through yoga for myself is all the little ways I am imbalanced.  For example, my left-hand holds the pot and my right washes.  How do you take your pants on and off, what fingers are involved?  Which is your stronger and weaker side?  When you learn these things, bring your awareness to them, that is when healing and transformation can begin.  To help with that, I have put together some tools with links for you, along with a bit of information about them.

DO YOGA –  First I recommend going to a class if you can because instructors can adjust you and you get the energy from the room.  You also meet like-minded people, it’s all fabulousness!  But you will want to also do some yoga work at home too.  For this, I adore this set Yoga For Beginners and Beyond.  Not only can you customize a workout, but you can choose some very healing slow yoga and target areas you need to strengthen and stretch. Other than poses and postures, the first and most important tool is your mat.  I am a big girl, and there is a lot of weight pressing down on my feet and hands during various poses so  I highly recommend the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.  And it comes with the eQua Yoga Towel.   Even if you are the weight of a feather, this mat will last you a lifetime and provide the joint cushioning required to do the fancy stuff like flying into plank. IF you go to a class, which I also highly recommend, you will want a bag to keep your mat in.  I am not a polyester fan (petroleum industry and not natural fiber) so I recommend the Joyne Large Yoga Bag  that is cotton canvas or the Bean Products Yoga Bag which is hemp.  Both are roomy nice bags that will hold other personal items along with your mat.  I personally have a manduka bag, but it was back when they were cotton canvas.  These two bags are as nice and come in some groovy colours too.

FEET FIRST – I want to talk about Yamuna Foot Wakers and YogaToes.  And, I’ll be honest, I love things, props, that I can use while just cold chilling in front of the TV or reading perhaps.  It takes you from trying to be patient through the process of using the tool for x many minutes to really enjoying an extended session with the tool as you occupy your mind.  So the foot wakers come in spiky and rounded.  I have the gold spiky ones.  As we age, our feet, which take a beating for us every day, can have issues with shortened tendons. Sometimes we lose the spaces between our toes and the ability to stretch our toes out. Yoga toes help with aligning our toes so there is space created between them, as well as a gentle therapeutic stretch. Always, of course, wear comfortable shoes!  You want to protect the health of your feet because if they aren’t happy, neither are you.

Foam Rolling for physical therapy!   This is two rollers in one, a great value.  Smooth to just relax and stretch and the textured roller provides deep tissue massage.  If, like me, you sit all dern day long at a computer, then you probably have shoulder and neck work and lower back work…how did I do?  Am I right?  🙂  If you are a lumberjack, that’s ok, (for the Python fans) you and everybody else in all lines of work, can benefit from this.  Use it daily.  I typically do it prior to bed.  Nothing screams old more than aches, pains and not being able to move around quickly with ease.  You will see results.

Using the Dharma Wheel – Sukhamat Yoga Wheel – This little gem is an intense stretch and comes with a booklet of great poses you can use this tool with to help you go deeper into the pose and body healing and stretching.

For the ladies, Intimate Rose, Kegel Exercisers.  Yoga class also teaches bandhas (Check out The Master Key for men and women) that help tighten up muscles down there, but this is a great tool for after pregnancy, labor recovery, bladder control and the overall tone of the pelvic floor.  When my mother reached her 70’s, she could not make it from the bedroom to the bathroom, one room away, without going all over the place.  This is important.

LOVE YOU! –  The most important thing you can do to live the longest most resilient life is to love who you are.  There is nobody exactly like you on the planet.  Whatever work you do, you bring you to it, which is a quality that cannot be exactly duplicated.  I had to unlearn a lot of bad programming.  I was always told there were people better at x than me.  While this may be true, none of us should ever toss in the towel on our ability to learn and grow and bring ourselves to the task at hand.  What if Prince said Michael Jackson is the best so why bother?  Who do you think is better?  Both men were exceptional musicians and artists who brought their own personal stamp into everything they created.  So whether it is Project Management behind a desk most of the day or on center stage, what always matters is you and how you can do it.  Embrace this life because what comes next is a mystery!

The Truth About Beef

Below is a link on an article, The Truth About Beef.  This is a lengthy but very well rounded article surrounding the eating of beef.  I love it because it is one of the most complete picture of the current state of affairs on this planet that I have read.  I recently went to a party, old friends of ours, and got into a discussion (as I am vegan) and so people tend to talk to me about why eating meat, dairy etc is or isn’t ok.  
Because transition is hard on the brain, I’ve included a link to a great book, Going Vegan,  to ease your transition.
Most of us work for a living and are busy people.  I was one of those people too, up until the Sprint layoffs.  I chose to invest this great gift of time into studying the state of our health in America (The SAD diet) and the state of this planet, our cruelty to animals and become an activist toward global change.  I studied at Hippocrates Health Institute a full year. During this full year of studies, I partnered with other organizations on the same mission, watched documentaries and while some may consider me having gone down a rabbit hole, I know my topic well.  I also know that, contrary to what friends have said ‘It’s not that bad’ that, yes, it truly is very bad.  Just understanding that 2000 gallons of water is required for 1 lb of beef is a sobering fact, as we run short on water. Without water, there is no life.  And with that, I leave you to this article.

Hippocrates Health Institute Online Life Transformation Program – Get Your Free Syllabus Here!

I want to share the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Online Program with you, but below is my personal story.

I worked at Sprint 28 years.  Last year, they did a massive reduction of their  Implementation Project Managers and I found myself with the gift of time.  I called it gainfully unemployed as I had a severance to live off of which has sadly expired now.

I spent the entire year of 2016 on Hippocrates and alternative studies.  I watched documentaries like Earthlings, Eating You Alive, Genetic Roulette and spent countless hours involved in various petitions to save various animals and people from cruelty.   I had considered myself fairly enlightened prior to this significant knowledge download.  I shunned pesticides, did all organic gardening, ate primarily organic food, ate meat not more than 2x week, read my labels, shunned sugar, particularly high fructose corn syrup, did yoga, walked the dog and thought I was doing alright.

My hip-flexors were in near constant pain between all the sitting (12+ hour days at Sprint) and the yoga and walks  I squeezed in between work.  Anytime I did any heavy lifting with my hands, I ended up with pain in my hands for a few days afterwards.  My blood pressure was higher than it should be and I was heavier than I should be too.  was mostly vegetarian, taking the Hipp

With my gift of time, I took the Hippocrates Life Transformation course because finally it was offered online.  For decades, I had wanted to visit the location for a 3 week detox stay, in gorgeous West Palm Beach.  Well, now I had the time even if I really couldn’t justify the cost of actually staying there.  was mostly vegetarian, taking the Hipp

Taking this self-paced course was brilliant and it changed my life.  I look younger, dropped unnecessary weight and no longer have the joint/tendon pain I once did.  People comment all the time about my skin tone and weight loss.

Anyone can lose weight, I think we all know how to diet and drop a few pounds, which typically find us again when we go back to eating again.  This course is about a lifestyle, a way of vibrant health, a way of knowing how to shop at the grocery store, what to eat, a full on education on vitamins, minerals, the state of our food supply, the planet and how to live your most resilient and healthy life and become the change necessary.

When I say this course changed my life, I think the only other thing I have ever said that about is when I met my husband.  I encourage you to respect and love yourself enough to check out the free syllabus.


Plant Based Diet – Dipping a Toe In (and saving our planet one toe at a time)

How many of you woke up today and poured sugar in your gas tank? I think of your body like you do your car where to get the best life and performance out of

Think of your body like you do your car, where to get the best life and performance out of it,  you have to feed it with clean fuel at the right octane levels,  and perform ongoing maintenance.

Few folks are going to do a 180 in their diet, but I am here to help if you are.  Most folks will want to dip a toe in, test the waters and, over time, incorporate a healthier lifestyle, from home and skincare products to vitamins and food.  I am here for those people too!  We can work together to assess your goals and how best to reduce toxic exposures and add nutrition to your life.

Living a plant-based lifestyle becomes like peeling the layers of an onion.   When you begin to care deeply about your health, you end up carving out time to learn about it.  Then you begin to care more about your family’s health and your friends, your pets and finally the state of our planet.

Learning this lifestyle may very well take you down the rabbit hole, as it did me.  But the truth is always far more refreshing than living a lie, particularly when it is quietly killing you or making you chronically sick.

Whether you eat meat today with every meal as many of my friends do, or you have already reduced dairy and meat consumption, or have gone completely vegan, there are so many surprising things to learn that can shift your health even further to the best that it can be.

The body is an amazing healer, but whatever you feel in the moments, know that it takes the body a full 7 years to completely regenerate.  This means that if you go clean with your diet, your household cleaners, eschew garden chemicals and put only food grade organic products in your bath and on your skin, you will have a long period of detoxing that takes place in waves, as you become healthier and made brand new again.  The outcome is worth the effort.  🙂


Vegan Junk Food? Learning How To Eat In A Polluted World

The bible talks quite a bit about what to eat.  In Genesis, (1:29) we learn about the garden of Eden and are advised to eat the plants and herbs, nd the fruit of the trees and bushes;  “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be your food.  And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that hs the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.” Then the fall happened and there were thorns, thistles, chaos and meat eating.

People have all different faiths, but the common threads are kindness, compassion and our maker pointing us to a plant-based diet, to live kindly and in harmony.

The very first thing I want to do is turn you on to this book by Dr Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, who has lectured throughout my latest Hippocrates Health Institute training.  The book is Conscious Eating, by Gabriel Cousens.   For ease, I have included a link, so just click on the coloured ink to get more info or purchase.  Hearing his lectures has been one of the things I greatly look forward to in my Hipp studies.  I find him engaging, charming, approachable, enlightening, coming from a place of great kindness and so educational.  I was vegetarian for several years in my youth and began 2015 getting back to that and now being primarily vegan.

You can eat junk food and still be vegan.  The point of eating this way, other than being kind to animals and the planet that is far over-taxed, is to get the nutritional, the vitamin, enzyme and mineral deficit most of us have mitigated. We want to be filled up with things that bring us abundant health and resilience.

In my studies this week, it suddenly hit me how deep this goes and it was right after another lecture from Gabriel noting Genesis as a baseline for how we are directed to eat.  Today we live in a very polluted world.  Back when the bible was writ, everything had just been newly formed, pristine.  We Humans hadn’t had any time yet to screw it all up with greed, corruption, factory farming, with Monsanto and Big Farma and Big Business controlling the Government that We The People voted in to take care of US.  Go back in your mind to the beginning, envision everything pure, newly minted.  Think just how powerful a statement this is, to be told by our maker to eat a plant-based diet!

This week I had someone exclaim ‘I am NOT subsisting on twigs and berries!  I must have nutrition and protein!’   So I want to talk about this.  Other than the fact Gods original plan was that we dine in this manner (and who else would know better than God?)  the fact is that today’s food supply is treacherous.  Wheat is vastly weakened, no longer the ‘Staff of Life’.  Our farm animals are over-crowded and living miserable lives in miserable conditions.  What do you think that does to the milk, the cheese, the meat?  Who wants to eat unhappiness?  I don’t.  And I learned recently that many processed snack foods contain opiates to further addict us to the product!

Ownership to take control of your lifestyle, your menu, falls upon you.  The way the world runs today, the focus is on profit above all else.  The FDA, the USDA, do not care one jot about the public at large.  The government doesn’t care if you live or die, just please pay your taxes first. ☺

We are continuously being controlled and conditioned to live fast, eat fast, look for the quick fix and over-work ourselves to an earlier grave and be just too busy to think about all of this too much. I got laid off last February as a Project Manager where I was in a great time famine. Suddenly I have time to think about things more.  And so I share.

In creating juices for a small seminar on juicing, someone asked ‘Are you going to create a juice and bottle it?  This could be a great product and business opportunity for you!’  I explained that, while there are bottled juices out there and that, yes, they are convenient, the issue is that 1) product that sits for anything longer than 15 minutes oxidises and loses vast nutrition.  2) Unless you have another access point, the grocery store shelves are stocked with product that has been pasteurised, which uses high heat to neuter all natural enzymes and vitamins.  This is why so many products are labeled with ‘Added Vitamins’.

If you are just starting out, start small.  Read my blog posts, because I have done the research on best practices for sprouting, making nut milks, there are some recipes and, after my latest school work is completed, I will be adding a lot more content!  What helped me is books like this one.  I have several vegan books (and you can find some groovy recipes online too) that helped me figure out what to make now that I am not eating meat and what do I use to replace such things as milk or cheese or butter.

Begin by taking baby steps.  And I am here if you need help with this, it’s what I do as a consultant.  In a pinch, of course you can buy the already prepared stuff at the store, but let me tell you, the difference between making your own nut milk (almond, Brazil) are lightyears tastier and healthier than anything you buy pre-made.

Because we’ve been conditioned to ‘fast’ food, fast ways, know that there is a process of re-learning and acceptance of some pre-planning as well as time consumption needed for this lifestyle.  For example, I grow my own greens in the spring/summer.  It takes me extra time to work my garden.

If you forgo a garden, but want to sprout, the products I recommend will absolutely save you time, but there will still be a bit of time and preparation involved to soak your seeds the night before, to check water levels and harvest.  I find all this calming and meditative now.  And I am now in a groove with all of it.  At first, like anything you are new too, it took extra time as I tried to figure all of it out.  This is exactly what hit me on the idea to be a Plant-Based Lifestyle Consultant.  I believe a lot of folks need a 2 hour session with me to not only perhaps learn about why sprouts are vital to this diet, but how to set up their kitchens for success and time savings.

It’s a new year.  Your body has carried you all this way.  Give yourself the gift of love, respect, abundant health and resilience!


Veganism & Protein Etc.

There are some things I hear repeatedly by people when I tell them I am mostly vegan, a bit vegetarian (no milk but some cheese) and focused on raw food. Because we’ve all been taught that for protein, we need dairy and meat, and most of us were brought up primarily on cooked and processed foods, we don’t think about the bioavailability of the vitamins, the minerals, the protein or that cooking anything above 118 Fahrenheit, cooks the enzymes out as well as much of the vitamins. This doesn’t always mean for you, that you must never eat cooked food again, or ever touch meat. What I am encouraging is for you to try segueing into a more plant-centric diet, and reduce the cooked foods so that at least 1/2 of your meals are raw. Buy only organic or wild produce, grow your own wherever possible and grow a variety of sprouts and eat them daily. Below is a link with great information and links to purchase some tested and reviewed by me sprouting options. Now, about protein – typical 4oz chicken breast has 28 grams of protein. Sprouted Lentils (4oz) have 25g. We are not living in the same world we had in the 1950’s. Our world is entirely polluted. It needs our help to reduce meat consumption because the land used causes soil erosion and the water used is wasteful. The feces, chemicals and all else utilised by factory farming methods is destroying our planet. Even if you do not care that the animals are mistreated, abused, sick, and very unhappy living unnaturally in cramped quarters, not allowed to be themselves at all, think about the unhappiness you are ingesting along with the chemicals and other crap given to the poor creature. It is not a healthy way for any and all concerned. So if you eat meat, go organic, do your level best to buy meat from more humane sources and reduce consumption to 2 days per week or one day. My husband and I had ‘meat friday’ a few years back where that was our one day each week to enjoy a nice steak etc. Now I let him eat the steak knowing I am causing less harm to others and myself. I have been on this track since February, reducing/eliminating sugars, meat, dairy, growing my own sprouts and I fit far better in my clothes and people keep telling me my skin tone is fabulous and that I have lost weight. But I can tell you that I have gotten healthier, stronger, more resilient.

The Toxic Come On

This morning I padded down to my office and found an email advertising a link for IT Cosmetics.  Clicking on the link, they had a before and after picture of a lady with and without the makeup and a very easy to navigate way to add product to your cart and check out.  Not one place explained how the ingredients worked or what the ingredients were.  Of course I wrote them personally.  I find our bombardment of toxic stew, with more chemicals created annually, and the cosmetic industry (as well as Government oversight etc) an embarrassment to our intelligence.  We are the only species that actively destroys itself, lies about it, pretends to be a friend when really we have an end game not in your best interest and all for the feeling we have somehow gotten the upper hand, we have reached into your wallet!  How ridiculous and how mean.

Everybody wants your money.  In fact, I also want some of your money; I write this blog, I rep for a certified organic skin, home and body care line
and what I do here in this blog is review products where I include helpful links for you, but also, when you purchase from one of my links, I get a tiny commission.  You don’t pay more, but I get rewarded for providing you impetus to purchase something.    I began this blog, this mission, along with my own personal journey toward detox.  There was so much I didn’t know and as I learned, I wanted a place to share knowledge.  There are ways to get glowing and gorgeous, to beautify your home, polish the floor or table-tops, wash your clothes and avoid toxins in the process.  Much of my learning came by trial and error, observation and finally by sinking thousands into official training.  My aim is to help us all detox by learning and understanding how and what to avoid and look for, as well as provide products I know work well and are free of as much crap as possible.

Going clean is a process.  Don’t beat yourself up about this, just take your baby steps and keep going, keep getting better at it.  Believe me, I have purchased what I thought was an ‘organic’ eye or hand cream, only to find it had PEG or Triclosan or some shit in it that’s bad for you.

What I write about and review here, I have vetted. The Miessence products are all certified organic and are terrific products with yummy planty smells.  I personally am a cosmetic whore, I am not entirely true to any one line.  I like to try new stuff and have my old stand-bys.  So assuming you are the same way, I encourage you to search for things where you get full disclosure on ingredients.  Don’t buy anything that doesn’t provide this, that is a red flag.

And I learned very recently that while I have always preferred natural fibre clothing, it is really far more important than I ever knew before.  The skin absorbs 60% of what it comes into contact with. The finishes and toxins are all over the place.  Polyester is made from the petroleum industry and is toxic.  Synthetic fibers over heat the body which can lead to tumors.  For conventionally grown cotton, One third of a pound of pesticides and chemical fertilizers go into growing just one non-organic T-shirt.  Then there are bleaches, dyes and finishes. Sadly, most of the chemicals remain throughout the life of the garment, wash after wash and end up in a landfill later.

If you find you have alot of bad stuff in your life, clear your closets, and medicine cabinets and start fresh.  Post comments on how your life has changed, any progress your health makes, I’d love to hear about it.  I am also here for any questions you have too.


Eating When You Aren’t Hungry or ‘Empty Stomach Syndrome’ & Body Effects From Over Consumption

TV ads make us want to eat all of the time.  The system is really out to get us.  But it is important to understand that the ‘Full’ feeling actually means we have overshot and dined on too much at once. We should, instead, be looking to feel pleasantly satisfied.

But another culprit to our culture here in America, is eating too often.  The body has a process it goes through in order to render the food (fuel) we take in, into usable energy.

But my tummy feels empty!  An empty stomach only signals you that the first stage of digestion has been completed.  Whenever you eat, a significant portion of the body’s energy, switches over from whatever it was working on, to now digesting your meal.

Your body goes through 3 stages: Digestion, assimilation, and Elimination.  Although some assimilation and elimination might have happened by the time your belly feels empty, a large portion of the processes behind that meal, have not yet occurred.

Per Hippocrates Health Institute, when you eat a new meal when your body has not yet fully processed the prior one, you unduly stress and compromise your body because it has not yet finished its task on the last meal and you have just added another job that requires immediate commencement.

Your body must now deal with both meals which cause the processes for both to be incomplete.  Eating too soon creates added waste and stress and decomposed food the body never had the time to complete, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, viruses, parasites, unhealthy cells, etc.

It is important to remain mindful of true hunger pains, of when your body is really calling out for fuel.  In this way, you honor the cycles of your body and encourage the very best health.

Labor Day Message – Going Vegan

Happy Labor Day! Always taking the holistic and natural approach to health, going organic decades ago, 12+ hour days left little time to delve into anything else too deeply.  While I dispensed advice to anybody that would listen, my primary focus was on remaining as healthy myself as possible as the job was very stressful and I had little time for much else other than work.
With this gift of time, I want to share out what I know, mitigate suffering, both of our health and downstream.   With the loss of my employment, Hippocrates Health Institute, whom I had been tracking for decades, offered an online training and I jumped into it with both feet. I didn’t realize how far down the rabbit hole I was going to go until I went.
I went organic originally for health reasons (no toxins and produce with more vitamins and minerals) but also because I felt the animals involved in making the milk, the cheese, the meat, were better cared for. I advocated folks to reduce meat to 2 days a week and reduce further from there to lighten our foot- print, live sustainably.  Eating meat at every meal is not sustainable, nor is it healthy.
It was during this time off that I had time to learn far more about the meat and dairy industry as a whole and not just about the already shunned factory farms.  Years ago, I had watched Food Inc and I knew better than to support factory farming methods.  But the sad truth is that most farms have adopted these sick methods and even at its very best, the industry is cruel.  When we dine on dairy, it is not surplus milk this comes from, as I had been told (and perhaps it was true then) it was when I was a kid.  The calves are taken away at birth, the males routinely killed, the females are given powdered milk.  They have such a strong desire for them mum and to suckle, that they lick each others’ faces, essentially french kissing each other for comfort.  Their lives, their nature is simply ignored for profits.  
Dairy has a substance, casein, which is carcinogenic.  Goat milk has far less of it, by the way.  But jumping on the goat milk bandwagon causes further suffering there. 
When we talk about milk and meat, cooking anything above 118 kills off all the natural enzymes and much of the vitamins and minerals.  Unless you have a farming source, your milk is pasteurised, which means it is denatured.   This is why Hippocrates promotes a raw diet, with at least 50% of your meal to be raw and anything cooked, to be limited and cooked as little as possible.
Factory farming is not sustainable. The buildings jam-packed with creatures living hellish unnatural lives, creating cesspool lakes which become environmental toxins that run off into our water supply and soil erosion removing minerals from our soils, affect all earthlings.
All of us are accountable for how we vote with our wallet. I am not asking that you go vegetarian or vegan, well, actually I am, but this can also be done in small steps. Just reducing your meat consumption, reducing or removing milk from your table, greatly helps us shift off of cruelty and ill health and toward a sustainable future.
Nut milks can be purchased, however, making them at home means they are not pasteurized, and it is so easy to do!  See my blog for how to.
The truth that the meat and dairy industry doesn’t want you to know, is that plant based proteins and such things as wheat grass, sprouts, sea algae, such as spirulina, are far heftier in bio-available proteins that the body easily recognizes because we were never meant to eat meat to begin with.  Perhaps there were ancient times of famine which drove us to do eat meat but certainly today, we no longer have a need, we act purely by choice and this choice is causing suffering and ruining our planet.
If you are currently vegan,  your contribution is a gift to the planet and your own health.  If you are consuming meat and dairy, then you should understand how your choices are affecting the creatures, the industry, and our world.
For those of you who partake, my ask is that you know your source, that it be sourced as humanely as possible.  While it is true that there is no right way to do a wrong thing, at least in this way, you are walking a better path.  Now I ask that you reduce consumption to 2 days a week to start and reduce further from there.
Since poultry is the hardest most cruelly hit target, you could begin there with scratching chicken off your grocery list. For eggs, there are healthier substitutes but another option is to get your eggs from a neighbor, go out on and see who may be selling in your area.
Looking online and at some vegan cookbooks will really help you get creative in the kitchen and it can be fun to learn!

When I worked, my husband did all the cooking. Boiling water had me tongue tied. But with the aid of some great recipes and patience, I have created some delightful and animal free, pain-free recipes that are more healthful and sustainable.
If you are a meat eater, try looking at it as an unhealthy treat, because that is truly what it is. And it causes suffering even with the best case scenarios. These animals do not want to die. We force death upon them. And their deaths are entirely unnecessary. The land could be put to far better use growing organic vegetables.
With so many diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, not to mention the superbugs caused by factory farm conditions,  it is high time that we take back ownership of our health. Nobody truly is ever going to do that for you. Instead, they give you a pill for this, a pill for that which toxifies the body and causes other health problems, never treating the underlying concern.  Big pharma is now tied at the hip with Western Medicine and it’s all a money-making machine, rarely in your health’s best interest.
In short, we were meant to live long and vibrantly healthy lives.  The choice is up to us and with each choice we vote with our wallet.  We vote for cruel meat and dairy industry and ill health (for them and us) or we support companies who promote great health.
I am asking for us all to be mindful of our choices and how those choices affect others and ourselves too.