Eating When You Aren’t Hungry or ‘Empty Stomach Syndrome’ & Body Effects From Over Consumption

TV ads make us want to eat all of the time.  The system is really out to get us.  But it is important to understand that the ‘Full’ feeling actually means we have overshot and dined on too much at once. We should, instead, be looking to feel pleasantly satisfied.

But another culprit to our culture here in America, is eating too often.  The body has a process it goes through in order to render the food (fuel) we take in, into usable energy.

But my tummy feels empty!  An empty stomach only signals you that the first stage of digestion has been completed.  Whenever you eat, a significant portion of the body’s energy, switches over from whatever it was working on, to now digesting your meal.

Your body goes through 3 stages: Digestion, assimilation, and Elimination.  Although some assimilation and elimination might have happened by the time your belly feels empty, a large portion of the processes behind that meal, have not yet occurred.

Per Hippocrates Health Institute, when you eat a new meal when your body has not yet fully processed the prior one, you unduly stress and compromise your body because it has not yet finished its task on the last meal and you have just added another job that requires immediate commencement.

Your body must now deal with both meals which cause the processes for both to be incomplete.  Eating too soon creates added waste and stress and decomposed food the body never had the time to complete, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, viruses, parasites, unhealthy cells, etc.

It is important to remain mindful of true hunger pains, of when your body is really calling out for fuel.  In this way, you honor the cycles of your body and encourage the very best health.