The Toxic Come On

This morning I padded down to my office and found an email advertising a link for IT Cosmetics.  Clicking on the link, they had a before and after picture of a lady with and without the makeup and a very easy to navigate way to add product to your cart and check out.  Not one place explained how the ingredients worked or what the ingredients were.  Of course I wrote them personally.  I find our bombardment of toxic stew, with more chemicals created annually, and the cosmetic industry (as well as Government oversight etc) an embarrassment to our intelligence.  We are the only species that actively destroys itself, lies about it, pretends to be a friend when really we have an end game not in your best interest and all for the feeling we have somehow gotten the upper hand, we have reached into your wallet!  How ridiculous and how mean.

Everybody wants your money.  In fact, I also want some of your money; I write this blog, I rep for a certified organic skin, home and body care line
and what I do here in this blog is review products where I include helpful links for you, but also, when you purchase from one of my links, I get a tiny commission.  You don’t pay more, but I get rewarded for providing you impetus to purchase something.    I began this blog, this mission, along with my own personal journey toward detox.  There was so much I didn’t know and as I learned, I wanted a place to share knowledge.  There are ways to get glowing and gorgeous, to beautify your home, polish the floor or table-tops, wash your clothes and avoid toxins in the process.  Much of my learning came by trial and error, observation and finally by sinking thousands into official training.  My aim is to help us all detox by learning and understanding how and what to avoid and look for, as well as provide products I know work well and are free of as much crap as possible.

Going clean is a process.  Don’t beat yourself up about this, just take your baby steps and keep going, keep getting better at it.  Believe me, I have purchased what I thought was an ‘organic’ eye or hand cream, only to find it had PEG or Triclosan or some shit in it that’s bad for you.

What I write about and review here, I have vetted. The Miessence products are all certified organic and are terrific products with yummy planty smells.  I personally am a cosmetic whore, I am not entirely true to any one line.  I like to try new stuff and have my old stand-bys.  So assuming you are the same way, I encourage you to search for things where you get full disclosure on ingredients.  Don’t buy anything that doesn’t provide this, that is a red flag.

And I learned very recently that while I have always preferred natural fibre clothing, it is really far more important than I ever knew before.  The skin absorbs 60% of what it comes into contact with. The finishes and toxins are all over the place.  Polyester is made from the petroleum industry and is toxic.  Synthetic fibers over heat the body which can lead to tumors.  For conventionally grown cotton, One third of a pound of pesticides and chemical fertilizers go into growing just one non-organic T-shirt.  Then there are bleaches, dyes and finishes. Sadly, most of the chemicals remain throughout the life of the garment, wash after wash and end up in a landfill later.

If you find you have alot of bad stuff in your life, clear your closets, and medicine cabinets and start fresh.  Post comments on how your life has changed, any progress your health makes, I’d love to hear about it.  I am also here for any questions you have too.