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This is Rhett (Full name Hieronymous Rhett Thomas O’Brien Puppy).  He turned 7 this April.  See my separate Pet Food Rant.  I am passionate about creating a tipping point in the food industry where we hold companies accountable, with our awareness and wallets, to producing good quality foods for us and our pets.  I spent a year studying with Hippocrates Health Institute and want to share what I know to help anyone who wants to listen.  🙂

Go Organic – This is the very best way to avoid GMOs, pesticides and questionable meats and other ingredients that will otherwise be present in the pet food you buy.  The label should tell you it is certified organic and many times will also tell you it is GMO free.  The best of both worlds is seeing both statements on the label.

GOOD FOOD – You can make foods at home, and it is really easy once you get the hang of it.  I use Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats.  It is a great resource to look up  health questions, natural remedies,  as well as some great recipes.   I make up my Healthy Powder and am ready for home made yumminess on the week-ends.  Rhett is used to eating a varied diet, much like how we eat, so I like to change up his flavor profile so he doesn’t get bored.
Another terrific reference book is Martin Goldstein’s he Nature Of Animal Healing. There are some great natural ways to mitigate heartworm (Black Walnut) amongst other remedies. This is one of my ‘go to’ books when I want to look up a problem and how to resolve it.

Dr. Harveys Canine Health and the entire line is just fantastic!  First you have dehydrated dog food, that comes complete, you just add hot water to re-hydrate, like Oracle. Next, you have mix-ins, like  eg-to-Bowl, Oracle, Paradigm, and, Canine Health which has grains that I use predominately.  Mix-ins are great to add in your protein of choice and particularly good for situations like mine, where you have to limit your protein.    What is great about it is that it’s organic, healthy wholesome ingredients created by a man that truly cares about your dog, cat or bird.  I know the ingredients are organic, non GMO and all I have to do is add water, high quality oil and protien source for the mix-ins and let it sit and hydrate a few minutes into a delicious meal for my boy.

I have used Dr. Harveys since Rhett was a puppy but recently, after my holistic alternative vet retired, I was left floundering with how to continue to treat Rhett’s kidney issues.  The vet we use for his regular blood work, just tossed a bag of Science Diet KD at me and that, I already knew, was the wrong path.  Their eyes glazed right over as I ranted about GMOs, corn in the KD, pesticides if the food is not organic etc.  My chart at the vet just says I am refusing ‘standard treatment due to lifestyle choices’ which sounded vaguely judge-y. I find the stance very interesting because they are IN the health care business.  Your vet should be primarily concerned with making your pet live the longest, highest quality life possible.  Sadly, they seem mostly to understand how to prescribe more shots and prescriptions that make the pharmaceutical companies rich and provide sub par foods that kill your companion far faster.  Ah…I am using my brain, what I know, and attempting to make the right choices here.  So, no, I am NOT buying the crap.

So as I mentioned, our alternative vet retired and I know enough to be dangerous so I have kept him going, however, I really wanted some guidance. The vet we use for Rhett’s bloodwork suggested Dr. Pam who is the only other alternative vet in my area now that Trisha Ballard has retired.  I have tried for 2 full years to see her.  She has refused both years, claiming to be just too busy.   Frustrated, I wrote to Dr. Harvey one day when ordering a sample of the new Paradigm food.  Lo and behold, Dr. Harvey called me back.  He has been checking up on Rhett ever since, offering help which is very appreciated.

Sickness and death happen to us all.  None of us gets out of here alive.  That stated, we can all let food be thy medicine and do our best to support companies that truly care, do our research and make the better choices that improve our quality of life.  The first thing people always say when they meet Rhett, is ‘What a handsome and healthy dog!’  Rhett looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Dobermans.  I believe it is the food that is helping him achieve that appearance.

When you cook anything, particularly at high temps, you ruin the natural enzymes and you create toxins that the body has to rid itself of in the digestion of the product.  Raw or low cooked foods are best, for us and for them.  I go for fresh organic meats for my boy so that his body doesn’t have to work so hard at digesting it.   Then I add in greens, like wheatgrass, Chinese Chlorella, Klammath Lake blue-green algae, Rehmannia along with walks and massage.

Some other sites I go to frequently are:  Onlynaturalpets.com, Petwellbeing.com, pawhealer.com and fiveleafpharmacy.com.


Hope that this information helps you and I’d love to hear about it!




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