Clean Your Clothes Safely and Be Kind To The Planet Too!

One of the worst polluters on the home front is doing laundry.  In your typical detergent, there are a plethora of chemicals, from optic whiteners to bleach, carcinogens and hormone disrupters, sulfates, parabens, Butyl Esthers, Phosphates, Zeolites, artificial colors, and fillers.  Not only do these chemicals affect our drinking water, create algae blooms that kill off fish but also affect you and your children’s health as they leach into your body through skin contact and breathing in the chemical fragrances.
As an ecopreneur, I’m a brand partner for 3 clean laundry liquids; Happi, just click on the name for more details, is our premier laundry soap; a liter does 400 loads.
Platypus Laundry Liquid is 40 loads per liter. BOTH of these products, made by One Group, come in 100% biodegradable containers, no plastic. The small twist off cap is recyclable. Lastly, there is Essante Organics Unscented Laundry Liquid.  This soap comes in a 100% recyclable container and does 32 loads per bottle. Another hot product, great on stains too is the Sanitizer Spray which uses stabilized oxygen!
Links to shop or do a deeper dive are above in the product names.

Happi Laundry Soap is THE most concentrated, with one liter doing 400 washes! The pump is a lifetime purchase and makes it easy to measure the 1/2 teaspoon needed into 2 simple pumps into your washer. There’s not much to scent the clothes with, but the scent is light, fresh and your clothes come out whiter and fluffier.

Platypus Laundry Liquid – Platypus is made using organic soap nuts on my companies farm coop.  It is 100% biodegradable, even the packaging employs 85% less plastic.  Eucalyptus essential oil is added which is not overpowering but makes the washer and the clothes have a nice fresh aroma.  This is super concentrated, you only need 2 tablespoons.  1 liter does 40 loads and there is a price break when you buy 3 or more.  The soap comes out looking like dark honey or tea but don’t be alarmed, it will not stain your clothes.  Free of all the usual bad chemicals and completely organic, 5% of all sales is gifted to establishing community-owned Organic Farm Share projects.  Market studies applause this product for being 23% better at cleaning clothes.
Essante Organics Unscented Laundry Liquid – Essante is in a plastic container which is recyclable. Very concentrated, only 2 tiny capfuls are needed so 16 oz will last you through 32 loads with typical soil levels. Non-scented and works well while being safe for our home, our clothes, and fish.  This product uses soy and coconut cleansing agents and is also suggested for furniture fabrics, carpets and pet areas.

Sanitizer Spray – The Essante Sanitizer Spray goes from laundry room to locker room, to countertops of your kitchen and even your makeup bag.  Non-scented, it harnesses the power of stabilized oxygen and kills 99%-100% of bacteria, fungi, germs, pathogens and viruses.  Great for cleaning and disinfecting cuts, abrasions, acne. I have one client who uses the spray, which comes in a purse/travel size, to cure her Tinea Versicolor.  She stated nothing but a very expensive prescription knocked it out prior!  I personally use it daily as our cats won’t stay off the countertops and it provides me great peace of mind that our counters are sanitary.

Changing your laundry soap is one easy way to detox your home, the air that you breathe,  and your clothing while making a huge impact on the environment and mother earth. ♥

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