Eating When You Aren’t Hungry or ‘Empty Stomach Syndrome’ & Body Effects From Over Consumption

TV ads make us want to eat all of the time.  The system is really out to get us.  But it is important to understand that the ‘Full’ feeling actually means we have overshot and dined on too much at once. We should, instead, be looking to feel pleasantly satisfied.

But another culprit to our culture here in America, is eating too often.  The body has a process it goes through in order to render the food (fuel) we take in, into usable energy.

But my tummy feels empty!  An empty stomach only signals you that the first stage of digestion has been completed.  Whenever you eat, a significant portion of the body’s energy, switches over from whatever it was working on, to now digesting your meal.

Your body goes through 3 stages: Digestion, assimilation, and Elimination.  Although some assimilation and elimination might have happened by the time your belly feels empty, a large portion of the processes behind that meal, have not yet occurred.

Per Hippocrates Health Institute, when you eat a new meal when your body has not yet fully processed the prior one, you unduly stress and compromise your body because it has not yet finished its task on the last meal and you have just added another job that requires immediate commencement.

Your body must now deal with both meals which cause the processes for both to be incomplete.  Eating too soon creates added waste and stress and decomposed food the body never had the time to complete, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, viruses, parasites, unhealthy cells, etc.

It is important to remain mindful of true hunger pains, of when your body is really calling out for fuel.  In this way, you honor the cycles of your body and encourage the very best health.

Lip Balm – Are ingredients Important?


These are the products I endorse and sell.  Click on the link above to take you to the site to order from.
From our lip balm to our hand lotion, from what we apply in our yard or spray on topically to control bugs, to what we eat, it is important to be mindful, go organic. There are tens of thousands of chemicals that have never been studied for their effect on human health or our planet and this list is growing rapidly. Every day we get
polluted, and that’s before we pour the next martini. It is important that we consciously clean our bodies out on a daily basis.
• Even though you may put the best nutrition in your body it can’t function as it was designed to function, unless you’re also removing toxins from your body.
• To underscore with urgency, consider the fact that young people and even children are now getting diseases like Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes and cancer sooner than ever before in history.
Our bodies were never ever meant for the onslaught of toxins we load them up on today. I remember when rain actually cleaned the car! Now we have this acid crap. I marvel at us, as a species, actively in the high pursuit of killing ourselves off for money. How does this make us better than the other animals? Smarter? HA! But seriously, we all can make small changes in what we vote for with our dollars. By buying and using organic skincare, body care, food, by limiting meat and dairy, which are both sick and cruel industries, we gain our health back too. Here is the link to order great for you product:

Super Angel & Omega Juicer & The Difference Between Juicing & Blending


Pictured above is my Super Angel Deluxe.  I had a Breville prior which is going into the garage sale this Friday and I want to explain the reasons why and the differences in the juicer methodology as well as the difference between juicing and blending.

What you want is to get as much of the mineral and vitamin content  (and live enzymes) out of your food so that you fully feed the needs of your body.  I find it interesting how things always get back to nature or closely imitating it as we find what actually works the best.

We will review Centrifugal, Masticating and Triturating juicers here.  The machine pictured above (green ink to link you to view more details and purchase) is the only solid stainless steel triturating machine on the market today for the home kitchen.  Triturating (twin gears) run slower (82 RPM) which allows for the best retention of enzymes and nutrients.  As you go faster, you lose content quality.  This is what I have in my kitchen and I chose this link (green ink) as this is the best price which also includes the Juice Bible book too.

Masticating machines, Omega 8005/8006 series, the Champion brand juicers – have a single gear to crush and ‘chew’ the leafy greens & veggies.  The Omega, and you have to give props for any machine that comes in Purple or Acid Green, is a great machine overall.  My concern is that it has plastic parts.  But for $300.00, free shipping and a 15 year warranty, and did I mention colours?  What a deal!  What a flying scream of a deal, really.  The Champion I have the same plastics issue with.  But it comes in a few colours and a 10 year limited warranty.  For $295.00 it is a great buy.

Centrifugal machines, like the Breville Juice Fountain series, spin the food at high revolutions. They are a lot faster and you may end up, at best, with 70% of your vitamins & minerals and the juice tastes great.  I bought the Breville before I gained further knowledge.  So this is knowledge I would like to pass on to you.  The issue with the speed is that it causes your produce to oxidise rapidly.  If you are just trying things out and don’t want to invest alot right now, this machine will set you back $147.94 and free shipping. To my mind, if you are going to spend more on the Breville’s higher end versions, which are higher speed, then you are far better off buying a masticating machine so that you retain more of your enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

To my mind, if you are going to spend more on the Breville’s higher end versions, which are even higher speed, meaning higher oxidisation, then you are far better off buying a masticating machine so that you retain more of your enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

I tend to be a ‘one and done’ person.  I like things of quality, things of beauty and function where I can sit back and enjoy them for many decades to come and perhaps never repeat purchase again.  While the Breville is a solidly built machine, I bought the Breville before I gained further knowledge.  So this post is about sharing knowledge with you.

The Super Angel twin gear juicer, $1658.00 is a substantial chunk of change.  But there are no breakable parts!  Zero Plastic!  It has a 10-year warranty on the motor, 5-year wear and tear.  This machine has zero colour, it is all about the business.  But I love the easy clean up ad seriousness of the machine, it is very well designed and gosh, it ought to be!  A big bonus is this machine extracts 20-30% more juice too!  The entire thing is quality all .304 stainless steel construction and anti-bacterial.  The slow speed ensures low shock and minimal oxidation.  This is something I can will to somebody like the old Kirby vacuums.  The Super Angel performs masterfully juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, herbs, leafy greens, vegetable and fruits.  You can order the optional/additional Grinding (screen) Housing for making nut butters, baby food, frozen sorbets, etc.

Having had a few juicers in my time, I can share with you that Angel makes great juice, exemplary taste, texture and vitamin, mineral and enzyme retention and you’ll end up with approximately 95% of your food.   It is designed for easy of operation, efficiency, reliability and longevity. The Super Angel performs masterfully juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, herbs, leafy greens, vegetable and fruits.

The Angel is designed for easy of operation, efficiency, reliability and longevity. The Super Angel performs masterfully juicing wheatgrass, sprouts, herbs, leafy greens, vegetable and fruits.

And so when I began my journey, I was very curious what the difference was, between juicing and blending.  Wouldn’t blending be healthier as it is more of the produce etc.  A blender whirls the whole fruit together.  As a blender is high-speed, you will encounter nutritional loss.  With a juicer, you are removing the pulp, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest it.  This makes it great in the morning as a detox agent, and to get minerals and vitamins and enzymes into your system fast because your body doesn’t have to work to process it.

My favourite green juice right now is 1 cucumber, half a ‘head’ of celery, a cup of whatever sprouts I have on hand, (mung or sunflower or pea sprouts) a bunch of fresh wheat grass, turmeric root or ginger root and half a bunch of cilantro.

Whatever machine you choose for your kitchen, I wish you happy juicing, here’s to your health!


Labor Day Message – Going Vegan

Happy Labor Day! Always taking the holistic and natural approach to health, going organic decades ago, 12+ hour days left little time to delve into anything else too deeply.  While I dispensed advice to anybody that would listen, my primary focus was on remaining as healthy myself as possible as the job was very stressful and I had little time for much else other than work.
With this gift of time, I want to share out what I know, mitigate suffering, both of our health and downstream.   With the loss of my employment, Hippocrates Health Institute, whom I had been tracking for decades, offered an online training and I jumped into it with both feet. I didn’t realize how far down the rabbit hole I was going to go until I went.
I went organic originally for health reasons (no toxins and produce with more vitamins and minerals) but also because I felt the animals involved in making the milk, the cheese, the meat, were better cared for. I advocated folks to reduce meat to 2 days a week and reduce further from there to lighten our foot- print, live sustainably.  Eating meat at every meal is not sustainable, nor is it healthy.
It was during this time off that I had time to learn far more about the meat and dairy industry as a whole and not just about the already shunned factory farms.  Years ago, I had watched Food Inc and I knew better than to support factory farming methods.  But the sad truth is that most farms have adopted these sick methods and even at its very best, the industry is cruel.  When we dine on dairy, it is not surplus milk this comes from, as I had been told (and perhaps it was true then) it was when I was a kid.  The calves are taken away at birth, the males routinely killed, the females are given powdered milk.  They have such a strong desire for them mum and to suckle, that they lick each others’ faces, essentially french kissing each other for comfort.  Their lives, their nature is simply ignored for profits.  
Dairy has a substance, casein, which is carcinogenic.  Goat milk has far less of it, by the way.  But jumping on the goat milk bandwagon causes further suffering there. 
When we talk about milk and meat, cooking anything above 118 kills off all the natural enzymes and much of the vitamins and minerals.  Unless you have a farming source, your milk is pasteurised, which means it is denatured.   This is why Hippocrates promotes a raw diet, with at least 50% of your meal to be raw and anything cooked, to be limited and cooked as little as possible.
Factory farming is not sustainable. The buildings jam-packed with creatures living hellish unnatural lives, creating cesspool lakes which become environmental toxins that run off into our water supply and soil erosion removing minerals from our soils, affect all earthlings.
All of us are accountable for how we vote with our wallet. I am not asking that you go vegetarian or vegan, well, actually I am, but this can also be done in small steps. Just reducing your meat consumption, reducing or removing milk from your table, greatly helps us shift off of cruelty and ill health and toward a sustainable future.
Nut milks can be purchased, however, making them at home means they are not pasteurized, and it is so easy to do!  See my blog for how to.
The truth that the meat and dairy industry doesn’t want you to know, is that plant based proteins and such things as wheat grass, sprouts, sea algae, such as spirulina, are far heftier in bio-available proteins that the body easily recognizes because we were never meant to eat meat to begin with.  Perhaps there were ancient times of famine which drove us to do eat meat but certainly today, we no longer have a need, we act purely by choice and this choice is causing suffering and ruining our planet.
If you are currently vegan,  your contribution is a gift to the planet and your own health.  If you are consuming meat and dairy, then you should understand how your choices are affecting the creatures, the industry, and our world.
For those of you who partake, my ask is that you know your source, that it be sourced as humanely as possible.  While it is true that there is no right way to do a wrong thing, at least in this way, you are walking a better path.  Now I ask that you reduce consumption to 2 days a week to start and reduce further from there.
Since poultry is the hardest most cruelly hit target, you could begin there with scratching chicken off your grocery list. For eggs, there are healthier substitutes but another option is to get your eggs from a neighbor, go out on and see who may be selling in your area.
Looking online and at some vegan cookbooks will really help you get creative in the kitchen and it can be fun to learn!

When I worked, my husband did all the cooking. Boiling water had me tongue tied. But with the aid of some great recipes and patience, I have created some delightful and animal free, pain-free recipes that are more healthful and sustainable.
If you are a meat eater, try looking at it as an unhealthy treat, because that is truly what it is. And it causes suffering even with the best case scenarios. These animals do not want to die. We force death upon them. And their deaths are entirely unnecessary. The land could be put to far better use growing organic vegetables.
With so many diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, not to mention the superbugs caused by factory farm conditions,  it is high time that we take back ownership of our health. Nobody truly is ever going to do that for you. Instead, they give you a pill for this, a pill for that which toxifies the body and causes other health problems, never treating the underlying concern.  Big pharma is now tied at the hip with Western Medicine and it’s all a money-making machine, rarely in your health’s best interest.
In short, we were meant to live long and vibrantly healthy lives.  The choice is up to us and with each choice we vote with our wallet.  We vote for cruel meat and dairy industry and ill health (for them and us) or we support companies who promote great health.
I am asking for us all to be mindful of our choices and how those choices affect others and ourselves too.

Incurable & Possibilities

I had a thought this morning I’d like to share with you.
Many times we hear that a condition is untreatable, the treatments are not working, the disease unresponsive to treatment, or that there is no cure. We hear this in Western Medicine.
There is a reason it is called practicing medicine because all of us are learning and truly we are all practicing. So when you hear the words ‘no cure’ or ‘We don’t have a treatment’ for you, or that your disease is ‘incurable’ I want to point out that this only means Western Medicine cannot help you. It doesn’t mean you are beyond help or that you cannot then go seek out answers elsewhere.
If a bank tells me they cannot loan me money, does that mean there is no money? No, it means I take my business elsewhere to get the money I am needing.
Now go explore the possibilities just opened up in what is contained here.    And be blessed.

Nose Pick – Detoxing Your Sinuses With a Neti Pot & Baraka Infused Salt Rinse Review

Neti Pot IMG_1748

I have used a neti pot for many years now and love it!  But for those who have never tried it or don’t know what it is, here is a brief description:  You put in 1/2 tsp of sea salt and warm purified water into the pot.  Then you adjust the spout of the pot into one nostrile at a time, using about half of it in each.  As you pour in the saline solution, you are tipped over the sink, leaning back too far means you end up drinking salt water which is not attractive.  So, keep bending forward, far forward with your head tilted, perfect!  The water will gently cleans your sinuses as it pours out the other nostril.  Then you use the other half of the liquid on your 2nd nostril, tilting your head the other way.

Before I discovered this stuff, the Baraka Infused Salt Rinse, pictured above, I was using mundane sea salt.  Those days are far behind me now as this stuff is like a SPA for your sinuses!

If you already have a nice ceramic neti pot, then all you need is this jar of yummy.  Click on the green writing to shop.  If you are needing a new neti pot, Baraka also has a kit, see below in green to take a gander at that.
The Baraka Neti Pot Starter Kit provides you a lovely ceramic neti pot, sinus oil and 2oz of the Salt. This kit contains: One neti pot, organic essential oils for the sinuses, and French Atlantic sea salt.  Not a bad deal.

There are great benefits to using a neti pot.  Firstly, our bodies were never ever meant to carry the load of toxins our mad modern world has thrust upon us.  In fact, they say there are little to no wild scapes left completely unpolluted by man because water and air travel.   City dwellers of course have it worst.  You can Johnny Appleseed your landscape, and stick a potted plant in every nook and cranny of your home, purify your water and air as I have done and take a plethora of vitamins and minerals (plant based, please) but you will still need a sinus cleanse, my friend.  And it feels great, so try not to fight this.

Use of a neti pot can help restore your sinuses to health, whereas all the over the counter nasal pharma stuff, while it may offer temporary relief, adds a toxic burden to the body.

Terrific for general overal health of your sinuses, as well as for  a healthy and natural way to alleviate colds, allergies and sinus problems.

I use a neti pot on a weekly basis but doing so every day if you have severe pollution or congestion is very helpful and safe to do.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments you have.  Be healthy and blessed!  🙂



Vegan Moussaka!

Vegan Moussaka IMG_2361

This is a fantastic recipe, given to me by a vegan friend, that is not only delightful in and of itself, but for meat craving individuals, it’s a fantastic transition dish that many, if not told, would not know that it did not contain any meat or cheese in the dish.  My husband is a trained executive chef and is an omnivore.  I doubt he will ever give up meat, but I do my best to make yummies that do not include meat and dairy as it is a kindness to the creatures.  I’ve understood for some time now that our meat consumption wasnt sustainable and encouraged folks to eat meat 2x week or even 2 x a month if possible.  We always bought organic and not off factory farms believing the animals were treated better.  Not up until very recently, was I clued in that this really isn’t true.    For dairy, the mother cows are repeatedly impregnated against their will, to produce milk for us.  Their babies are taken away at birth and given powdered milk during their short sad lives.  Cows are very social and create strong bonds with their offspring who typically remain with them for years.  So I thought I would always eat cheese…but I cannot cause this level of harm and feel good about myself.

And the meat, well, even in the best case scenario, which is honestly few and very far between, we are taking a life that truly honestly really wants to live.  They know what is happening, they shed tears, they feel upset, they feel fear.  They also feel such joy when treated well and allowed to live a happy existence with us.

To this end and that of our health (of our bodies, our souls and the planet) I bring you this delightful dish!  Enjoy!

I did modify the recipe a tad.  I used corn starch for the bechamel sauce as I did not have potato starch.  We couldn’t find smoked Tofu so I used Trader Joe’s Beef-Less Ground Beef.  The texture of this product isn’t bad and it does look like the real thing.  This product, by the way, is also terrific in tacos.  If you don’t have a TJ nearby, this product, the Ultimate Beefless Ground,  by Gardien is good.

For the spices, as this is typically a lamb dish, I used Rogan Josh which is a persian spice mix.  The above link is less expensive, but there is also one from Penzys Spices, which is actually the one I used for the dish above, which is $13.23 and free shipping.  But the other sounds great and is only $9.65 including the shipping.   I post links in here to save you time and also money.  I try to locate the highest quality and best price on Amazon prior to posting.  🙂  I adore this spice mix which has Cumin, Coriander, Cardamom, Cloves, Saffron and Cinnamon amongst other spices in it.   The flavor profile of this spice mix just raises the dish to a new level and I sauteed my garlic and onions till almost caramelized, then I sauteed the spices to amp up that delightful flavour!


Serves: 6


Tomato Sauce

  • 1 (28-ounces) can plum tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 1 tsp maple syrup (optional)
  • 2 onions, thinly sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 12 ounces smoked tofu (firm)
  • ⅛ tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ⅛ ground black pepper
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper


  • 3 medium-size eggplants
  • 1 tbsp olive oil


  • 2 and ½ cups almond milk
  • 2 tbsp potato starch
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ⅛ tsp ground nutmeg


  1. Drain the tomatoes into a bowl. Keep the juice.
  2. Cut the plum tomatoes into small pieces and add to a skillet with their juice.
  3. Heat over medium heat until the sauce thickens, about 10 minutes.
  4. Stir in tomato paste, maple syrup, salt, pepper and cinnamon and remove from heat.
  5. Wash and cut the eggplants into 1-inch think slices, brush slices with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Fry slices until tender and golden brown on both sides in a large non-stick skillet over medium-heat. Depending on your skillet you can probably fry about 5-6 slices at a time.
  6. Transfer the eggplant slices to paper towels.
  7. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the onions and garlic, and cook until soft, about 7 minutes. Scramble the smoked tofu and add to the skillet, cook for about 5 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes. Add the tomato sauce, mix until everything is combined and remove from heat.
  8. Preheat oven to 400°.
  9. Arrange a layer of half the eggplant slices in a greased baking dish (I used a 10-by-6 inch pan). Cover with the tomato/tofu sauce. Top with another layer of the remaining eggplant slices.
  10. Pour the bechamel over the top and spread evenly.
  11. Bake 25-30 minutes until top is golden brown.
  12. Top with chopped parsley.

For the bechamel

  1. Add ½ cup almond milk to a medium sauce pan. Mix in the potato starch, (or Corn Starch), nutritional yeast, salt and nutmeg. Whisk until everything is well combined and add the remaining milk. Heat over medium heat for about 5-10 minutes, whisking constantly until it thickens. Remove from heat.


Home Made Vegan Milk – Nut Milks – So Easy!

A few decades ago, people were farmers (or knew a farmer) and folks grew their own produce, lived off the land and traded items for what they needed, perhaps an over abundance of Cilantro was traded for carrots.

The machine would like us to believe in the grocery store, lock, stock and barrel.  While a grocery store is both convenient and necessary for many of us city folk.  I grew a garden this year but it was not large enough to encompass feeding our family entirely.

So while we want to remain thankful for conveniences a grocer brings us, let’s also seek out local farmers where we can buy directly, too.  The reason is because things like milk, orange juice,  get pasteurized.

When you heat up things as you do to pasteurize it, you may very well kill a bug or two but you are also stripping the product of its natural enzymes.  I wont call it carcinogenic, but I will call it severely lacking in the natural enzymes and minerals and vitamins it should have provided you.

The Almond milk you buy at the store is pasteurized.  The flavor is also thin.  And, who knows, really, just how many almonds you are getting in that milk.  I bought for years but after my Hippocrates Health Institute Life Transformation Training, I now make my own.  And its so super easy, there is little excuse for you not to follow suit!

Firstly you should get a nut milk sack/bag.  I dont know about you and I sure don’t mean to offend, but the ones I purchased, My Big Fat Nut (Milk) Sacks, offered a bit of humour to the process, as well as being a fantastic product.  You want a bag that is easy to clean, roomy enough to hold all the milk and easy enough to squeeze the milk out to separate the nut bits from the milk produced.  So start here and if you click on the blue writing, it will take you right there to purchase.

The best nuts to make the milks is Almond and, for something heavier, great in tea and coffee, Brazil Nuts!

So, when I began making my nut milks at home, I had only ever tried store bought Almond and in my training they spoke of Brazil Nut Milk being so much richer.  I went straight to making Brazil Nut Milk only.  But I did buy a passel of raw almonds and eventually ventured into giving that a go too because of a recipe that called for it.  Well, let me tell you, this is when I discovered that, OMG, the almond milk you are going to make at home is on a whole new level than the store bought in texture and flavour.

How To?  Firstly, keep in mind that things that do not have the life cooked out of them, actually have a life that can more readily spoil.  So get in touch with how much milk you are going to consume within about 5-7 days.  Only make enough to use within that time-frame so your milk remains nice and fresh in the fridge.

Step 1) Soak your nuts overnight. (I typically soak a cup of nuts for 3-4 cups of of milk and you can stretch that out or inward depending upon the depth of milk you want to create so feel free to play with that flavor texture profile.)

Step 2) The following morning after your nuts have soaked, rinse them and dump them into your blender.  Add purified water to the level you desire.  Blend for a few seconds, until you see milk and the nuts are good and pulverized into tiny bits.

Step 3) Pour the milk from the blender into your nut sack that is sitting in a big bowl.

Step 4) Squeeze the bloody hell outta the sack to get all the milk drained from it.

Step 5) Now pour the milk into a vessel you will use to store it in your fridge and enjoy!

For the pulverized nut bits, you can use that roughage to make crackers or add to a meat loaf (vegan meat loaf is animal friendly)  Or compost it.

As always, I am here to answer any questions or read any comments you post.  Cheers to your health, enjoy!

Health and Budget – The Holistic Approach to Daily Finances

Most everyone has experienced a situation which has left you financially bereft; a divorce, major illness or loss of employment.  This will not address crisis situations, at least not directly.  Rather this is about daily budgeting and how failing to do it robs a lot of positive energy/good Karma from you life.
Making Time to Pay Bills – Late Paying/Always Behind? – It begins by loving and respecting yourself enough to budget and take the necessary steps to take care of you. Not only does paying things on time lower the cost of doing business and therefore the cost of living, when you come from a position of strength, when your house is in order, then you have more opportunity to be of help to others, to pay all that goodness forward!

Debt Stress –  Owing money can be quite stressful, particularly if a deadline is looming and you didn’t plan ahead and budget for the expense.  Opportunities, from getting a fantastic job, an apartment, the very best interest rates or simply being able to buy something you really want, are all significantly affected by whether you pay bills on time. Paying bills late actually has a big impact on health.  Our minds never truly stop turning over what we have left to finish.  Completing tasks, clearing your to do list, getting your financial house in order and reducing clutter in your life, increase ease in the mind and provide fresh positive energy.  Setting and adhering to a healthy budget, allows you to be in control.  Let this clean slate free you up mentally.

Getting Your Head Into It – While sitting down to pay bills may feel more like bending over and begging other people and organizations to please take all your money, there is a spiritual component to consciously engaging and putting positive energy into paying what is owed. With debts no longer hanging over your head you can move forward with new energy that can be devoted to other things.

Budget? What Budget? –  Most of us make enough to cover our needs and some of our wants.  Then once we have them met, suddenly our needs and wants expand farther, stretching our budget to the max.   Ads to buy this or that are all over the place.  You cannot create inner peace or fill a lack of joy inside you with something you shop for.  I think a lot of times when we feel the need to shop, it is because we have lost our way, need to stop, breath, get out in nature and ask our heart what it is we truly want.   Sometimes we must simply say no to the advertisements and honor ourselves and the spirit of money.  You never have to keep up with the Jones’s, you only ever need to keep up with yourself.

Debt – Whether you are current on your bills or way behind, most of us have some debt. For long term debts, such as credit cards, and personal loans, many folks like to pay the highest interest rate debt off first.  For creating cash flow and realizing faster results, I suggest paying off your smallest debt first, followed by your next smallest, etc. Meet the minimums on everything else, but pay as much extra each month toward the debt you are wanting to pay off, as you can, until it is done.   It is surprising how fast the goals can be accomplished and the feeling is just amazing.   All of us owe rent or a mortgage or taxes on property.  Debts never stop until we do. And having a few debts, especially what is considered ‘smart debt’ such as a home, a rental property or perhaps a degree, is not exactly a bad thing.
The goal here is to create the most cash flow, and as quickly as possible, for your health, peace of mind, and feeling of abundance.  When we feel stuck, we don’t feel abundant. We can feel stuck when we have so much debt that we are afraid to scale back or pursue a dream.  Having a nest egg saved, all bills current and cash left over at the end of every month, generates a feeling of potential and opportunities.  Rather than bemoan fate, understand that firstly, by predominately your own choices, you are where you are right now.  Take a healthier view and look at it like housekeeping, as something that is a part of life, something we all must do.  Doing this will leave you feeling lighter, accomplished, clean and happier!  The end resulting cash flow will empower you.

Live Abundantly! – True abundance isn’t about wealth, but about how well, how balanced and how peacefully you live. Honestly, I love it when people say Time is Money because it sure is!  I feel richest when I have the most spare time.  No matter how much I am earning, if I am putting in 16 hour days, a part of me feels decidedly poor.  When you live below your means, saving regularly, you will find there is less you really want to fill your life up with.  You will become more selective in what you spend your time on and what you purchase.  You will gain significant confidence as your savings grow and your cash flow improves.  Living abundantly is also about maintaining a true work and life balance where you have some life left at the end of the work day.  Since scaling back my long work hours, I have vastly more time to engage in other more calm pursuits, such as yoga, walks, cooking, baking, spending more time with my family and not feeling so rushed in everything I do.  That, my friends, is abundance!

Create Your Savings – Owing money is a psychological drain. Again, having some debt is ok.  And most of us will always have monthly bills (gas, food, heat).  Just keep in mind that when you take on significant debt, what you owe also holds you in place.  I have been so in debt I could not leave a job where hours were insane and ruining my health.  I have watched retirement aged folks keep working because they have too much debt to stop.  Debt can equal fear and when we act out of fear based feelings, no good really comes of it.  The best approach is to create monthly cash flow, by slowly taking control of debt.  Catch yourself up, regularly save for both long term/retirement and emergency/short term concerns, which you place in a separate account.  Separate accounts are great because you can mentally designate what is put away and what can be used now to pay bills etc.

At my house, we have several accounts; a Monthly Expenses Account, a Fun/Vacation Account, a Long Term Savings Account, and a Short Term Savings Account for emergencies or higher than expected monthly bills.  I try hard to pretend the savings accounts don’t exist unless its time to use them.  We have direct deposit and that really is the absolute best way to do this if you can. Otherwise, you are physically making deposits manually every month and it can get tempting to change the amounts or just not do it.   IF you must do this manually, take heart and just make it happen, regularly because again, you are paying yourself first.  All greatness flows from first respecting and taking care of yourself.

Wheat Grass – How To Grow The Best

Loved it, hated it?  My husband is really fine with the flavor.  Me?  Gag, not so much. Even with these adorable skull glasses, I am still nonplussed with the flavor.  No, I realize how freaking healthy it is to do, how the mineral content can even change gray hair back to your natural colour, so I force myself to shoot it down.  Because it is so detoxing and works quickly, some people can feel a bit nauseated after a shot of the magic green.  I feel fine after getting it down….it’s the getting it down I struggle personally with.  With my Hippocrates Training I learned a few secrets lately to help get the best mineral and vitamin content as well as the best (ahem) flavor.

Growing your own wheat grass is going to be, by far, the least cost and the freshest.  One way is with organic soil in a 10×10 Tray with 1 cup of wheat grass and about 1/2 inch of soil.  After 3 days of soaking and rinsing them, it take about 7 days for the grass to be ready.  If you go this route, with soil, you will find that most of it gets absorbed by the plant so its really not as messy a process as what I was initially envisioning when I decided to go hydroponic.

I use the Prodyne appetizer tray to grow my Wheat Grass.  This system can also be used for Mung beans and Sunflower sprouts.  For the mineral content, I use SeaCal fertilizer in my water mixture as I am not using any soil.  You should get about 4-6 shots out of this method depending upon how much wheat grass seed you lay down. This may mean that you, as I did, purchase 3 or 4 appetizer trays so you always have a rotation going.  You will have the best results using just one layer so I began using 2 cups, per tray, but now I have less yield, less dense but better overall results with 1 or 1.5 cups of seed.  NEVER place ANY sprouts you are doing in direct sunlight.  For Wheat Grass, it will turn bitter and that absolutely isn’t good for anybody (Think bitter beer face).

Instructions as follows:

Step 1 – Germinating the seeds
Day 1 Rinse seeds and place in container, cover with 3xH20 and soak 12 hours.
Day 2 Drain and rinse and soak another 12 hours.
Day 3 Drain rinse and soak a third time 12 hours.
The seeds expand which helps germination, hastening sprouting and minimizing mold.
Day 4 Drain and rinse a final time.

Step 2 – Line the bottom of your tray with paper towels (you can cut them to size) This helps to keep them from falling through the tray vent holes.
Step 3 – Lay down your layer of soaked seeds.
Step 4 – Fill the appetizer dish with water
Step 5 – Spray them morning and evening with water.  I like to add a 1/4 tsp of baking soda which helps inhibit mold.  If you do end up with a bit of mold on the root system, that can be rinsed off.  You are cutting above the root line anyway.

I like to add just a bit of water to my appetizer tray at the beginning, then toss it and renew with the vitamin water (adding the SeaCal)

In a few days, you will see a green blade appearing.  In about 7 days (after placing in the tray) you should see the joint or where there is the very beginning of a new leaf coming up after the first original blade.  NOW is time to harvest, the grass is at its peak.

So the key things are 1) Never direct sunlight.  Your kitchen counter is perfect. 2) Spray 2x a day 3)You want it to be the very freshest which means growing it yourself is best and finally 4) Harvest at the beginning of the joint, once you see that 2nd blade begin to pop up, harvest the entire tray!  Keep it in a bag in the fridge, keeps for a week or get a green grow bag for nearly double the life.

Let me know please if I can help answer any questions too.  When I first began this journey I had a plethora of them and am still learning as I go along.  Cheers!