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Providing canine rehabilitative massage, lifestyle detox supplements & wellness products for pets & their people.

Suzanne O’Brien Ph: 214-334-8517 H: M-F 9 am to 3 pm – We are located just down from the Dallas Arboretum off Lakeland Blvd. We also offer Therapy Tools and Holistic Supplements, CBD, you may shop for here, online!

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Helping People and Dogs in Pain regain balance, mobility and vitality! Movement is Life. Food & environment (lifestyle) can be the most potent, safe form of healing medicine OR the slowest, deadliest form of poison.
NEW CLIENTS – Please download and complete the New Patient form and bring with you to your first appointment. CMFT-PureTemple-New-Patient-Form DOWNLOAD by clicking.

SERVICES: I specialize in Multi-Modality Canine bodywork tailored to your animal companions’ needs. Over time, the work I do is cumulative and works to alleviate pain and increase mobility. Therapy generally includes aromatherapy using wild-crafted and organic Essential Oils, Light Therapy Devices (PBM), PEMF, Reiki, Sound Healing, Vibration, acupressure, laser acupuncture & Various massage techniques.
Food is medicine. How we live affects our longevity and our life quality. For those interested in taking a more holistic approach to vitality, for themselves and their fur kid, I offer canine nutrition guidance & Lifestyle Detox that includes organic holistic superfood supplements for pets and their people.
OFFERINGS: Animal Companions – Dr. Harvey’s food, Herbal supplements, Digestive Enzymes, Bone&Joint supplements, Elder/Senior supplements, CBD balms & oil, Florals, Phytoplankton, (superfoods). OFFERINGS: Human Animals – Alkalizing Greens, Antioxidant Reds supplements, phytoplankton, (Superfoods) Organic & wild-crafted skincare, Homecare, Personal Care. Additionally, I coach & sell at-home therapy tools to help you and your animal companion feel and function better, and recover faster from injuries, arthritis & surgeries.

RATES – We are primarily a cold hard cash-based practice due to recent cyber fraud. The practice never received a refund or any closure. Therefore, cash rather than Venmo, Zelle, Cards, etc is greatly appreciated.
Phone Consults – $45.00 – Great for out-of-area clients looking for nutritional or at-home therapy tool guidance, calls are 20 minutes.
Animal Massage – $95 – per therapy session ( $85 Cash.) This payment includes any & all modalities, such as PBM (cold laser or LED), Reiki, acupressure, florals, and aromatherapy, used in the session. This is important to note as typically at the veterinary clinic, folks pay $75+ for cold laser (PBM) and additionally for any other modalities such as acupuncture. Each session is tailored to the individual dog (or cat). A session is typically between 30-45 minutes with the first session usually taking a bit longer.
Fur kids with chronic conditions typically see me on a twice-weekly or once-weekly basis, until they are at a point of improved stability. FYI, Most dogs require 3-4 weekly sessions to begin seeing progress.

♥♥♥Cancellation Policy – Availability is limited. Your session time is reserved for you & your companion animal. To avoid being charged for your session, please provide at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation. Missed appointments impact our business as it’s impossible to fill a sudden vacancy, leaving empty spots where we could have potentially helped another animal companion in pain. ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Refund Policy – We are not a big box store. Most of our sales are online, you may take up with our very reputable vendors. Most vendors offer my clients a discount so when shopping (in the drop-downs) don’t forget to use the coupon codes as provided. The links provided give me a small amount of commission on sales so thank you! As a ‘high-end value shopper,’ I research everything I market here to assure quality and value. Kindly keep me looped in on how you are treated. Therapy sessions are non-refundable.If you are unhappy with a purchase, please bring that to my attention so we can work together. Thank you. ♥

See My Training!
Member of IAAMB/ACWT – Certified Animal Massage Therapist trained in the following Modalities:
CMFT (Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy, Acupressure & Laser Acupuncture, Reiki Master, T Touch, Craniosacral Therapy, ANMR – Neuro-Myofascial Release, Kinesiology Taping, Aromatherapy, Florals, PBM/Cold Light, Vibration & Sound Therapy

Bodywork here is such a great value! With many veterinary offices charging $85.00+ for a few minutes of laser along with assessment charges and additional charges per therapy, PureTemple therapy sessions provide quality hands-on time with the animal, including various massage & therapeutic modalities including vibration and light therapy, tailored to your fur child that really makes a healing difference in your pet.

Healing Expectations – Your pup will most likely need a few weekly (or twice weekly) sessions, not just one appointment. Therapy is not a magic pill. If you have ever recovered from an injury, that required chiropractic work, acupuncture, massage, or physical therapy, how long did it take for you to begin to feel and function better? In most cases, just like with any therapy you may have gone through yourself, results are individual, cumulative over time, and require you to adhere to the treatment plan suggested. Although this does happen, it is rare to have a situation where one session results in a 100% cure. Many people find me after their pet has been in pain and imbalance a long time and may have also gone to other places and not found relief. I understand the time, expense, and frustration involved in this but ask that you come prepared to allow this therapy to work. It is common for me to see patients twice a week, or weekly for several sessions (typically 4-5 treatments) to get to a place of healing, improvement, and stability that we can then build on with a maintenance plan.

Rhett on the mend after spinal trauma deemed IVDD/DM.

Better Doesn’t Mean Stop Treatment! I have folks who bring their dog once and already the spine is no longer as roached, they feel better so the dog begins playing again with toys or is otherwise showing joy. The pet parent can sometimes interpret this as ‘Oh, great, we are done with therapy!’ They speak in their language and are telling you “thank you!” They DO feel much better but this doesn’t mean they are 100% and ready to stop treatments. Please adhere to the treatment plan and derive full benefits for you and your pup! ♥ Whether the imbalance is sudden (acute) or chronic conditions, those situations where the dog has been limping, stutter walking, moving with a hunched or roached spine, or what have you for months or even years, allow time for the treatments to create a space for wellness. Older dogs and those with arthritis, hip dysplasia, spinal trauma, or other longer-term complaints may require weekly or bi-weekly therapy for some time to regain mobility before migrating to a maintenance plan and there are elders that see me regularly and need that tune-up to keep them going! Obviously, anything broken, or torn most likely requires surgery. So far, every individual who’s followed the treatment plan provided has seen great improvements in their beastie & is off all pain medication but we must honor each animal as an individual, consider the condition and then honor the healing process. I wish everyone the healing they wish for but also the grace and patience to receive it.

Vitality begins with our lifestyle choices. How we live affects our entire family, including our fur kids. Trained in Functional Medicine through Hippocrates Health Institute, and certified in animal massage & nutrition through Holistic Animal Studies, we provide canine therapy, nutritional/supplement guidance & offer wellness products & tools to empower people & their fur kids. From clean, organic personal care products to mobility tools, and supplements & CBD that can help the entire family. Not to be missed is our Dr. Harvey’s holistic food and accessories for the four-leggeds in your life. ♥ Just like MDs, veterinarians are not taught nutrition in vet school. Like me, they must take additional studies to provide nutritional assistance. If you are seeking quality meals for your furkid, in addition to excellent therapeutic animal massage, & at home therapy tools, you will find great information here!

Share us WIth Your Vet! DFW is growing in holistic awareness & Pet Parents are seeking these therapies out! Best life quality is achieved with a complimentary mix of holistic and allopathic wellness. Sharing your story and experience helps grow awareness within the veterinary community. By sharing us, you are helping other pet parents and literally save animals by giving your veterinarian a place they can refer their clients to so that together, we can be wellness partners, providing every pet with the best care plan.
For veterinarians in the DFW market who are unfamiliar with small animal therapy, we’re happy to work with and partner with you and share what we offer. For those needing veterinary recommendations, please see my ‘recommended’ page for veterinarians I work with who can also get your veterinary form signed as well.

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 BALANCE YOU – LIFESTYLE DETOX PRODUCTS FOR PEOPLE – BE RESILIENT!  How we live affects our entire family. Trained in Functional Medicine through Hippocrates, I offer beautiful clean personal care, skincare,  superfoods supplements, CBD, PEMF, Vibration Therapy Plates, and home care to help you, the two-legged huuuman, detox your lifestyle and grow in resilience too!

The average person puts on 200 toxins by 9 am. I took my primary training with Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into the training I took,  for your own needs or to coach others,  click on Hippocrates Health Institute, the link embedded will take you to a free syllabus.

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9 thoughts on “Canine Massage Therapy & Holistics”

  1. Hi Suzanne!

    I found your company on Google after my husband and I were talking about doggy massages. We have a 5 year old male golden retriever named Yeti and in August 2020 he was diagnosed with stage 3 soft tissue sarcoma in his front left shoulder. We ended up amputating his poor leg (I think it was much harder on us than it was on him) but it was in hopes to save his life.

    They gave him 9-12 months to live since it was aggressive and it seemingly came out of nowhere, but now it’s been 13 months post-op and he’s doing so great! He has successfully handled welcoming another baby to the family in February, and a move to a new house in April (I was so worried about all of these transitions as I read they can induce stress).

    Anyway. We just can’t help but think he’s got to be so sore sometimes, walking and hopping on 3 legs regularly…. I try and rub his arm and shoulder in the evenings on my own. I’m sure you could help him but I wanted to see what you recommend first, or if you even service tripawds in the first place.

    I appreciate your help Suzanne, and I’m so glad I found you and this line of work actually exists! 🙂

    Lauren Allford

    1. Thank you Lauren, it was nice connecting with you earlier. For the purposes of aiding anyone here with tripaws, elderly, spinal/neurological trauma, pre and post sporting events, or preventative monthly or quarterly maintenance, massage, ANMR, Vibration Therapy, acupressure, Reiki, PEMF, and the host of modalities I throw into my daily practice, I never tire of the paraplegics who walk again, the elders who move with greater ease, brighter eyes and outlook! My passion, as a pet parent, is coaching pet parents on at-home therapy tools that they can use to speed healing and recovery at home in between professional sessions, as well as lifestyle detox which gets into holistic food and supplement options. I look forward to helping your baby feel and function better when I see him! ♥

  2. Thank you, Bryan, I hope your pup is feeling and functioning better or if you bought something online for your own wellness, that you find it supportive! We are very transparent in what we do here at PureTemple Lifestyle Detox. ♥

  3. When you work with a lot of canines, and stressed pet parents, this helps! ♥ I try to bring calm energy into my practice, both the local environment as well as the page you shopped. Let me know if you have any product questions. Happy to help as we engage and coach on Lifestyle Detox!

  4. I am both client/patient-driven as I work to detox the lifestyle of pets and their people. Let me know how I can help you further. ♥

  5. Thank you, it has been a very long vision, indeed, helping people and pets with their lifestyle detox, something many have never considered. It has been a blessing helping people and pets feel and function better! Let me know how we can help you! ♥

  6. Vets may be great but incorporating Pure Temple Holistic & PurePet Canine Massage Therapy is so much better! It is imperative we as pet owners utilize, support, and request vets to implement holistic methods. It took an unfortunate injury with my fur baby to seek holistic aid and luckily, I located Suzanne. She is beyond great! Her care and knowledge, the soothing environment, and the countless insight provided during our sessions not only aid your pet towards a more effective recovery but help the pet owner understand; reducing stress. My fur baby suffered from a broken femur and had a FHO procedure. Before Suzanne, my puppy’s paw and leg usage, stability, and confidence were low. As our session continued, my puppy showed improvements and made strides; needless to say, my puppy’s confidence is normal and she is not missing a beat. I truly wish I would have known of Pure Temple before my puppy’s procedure. It would have improved her outcome from the vet’s surgery. Suzanne’s work is truly amazing and she genuinely cares about your pet and their journey. Suzanne has been a huge help. My doggie is a German Shepherd and she loves Suzanne! I mean it’s her and Suzanne’s time when we arrive and my fur baby will definitely make it known. We will continue to utilize services. I highly recommend her services; so worth it!

    1. Hi LonNita, I so appreciate your comments, they help other pet parents see the value in these modalities.♥ Hugs to Qutie Joy!

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