Essante Organics – Human & Household


Is your countertop cleaner safe enough to eat? Do you wonder what fillers are in your protein shake or superfoods powders and supplements?  The average person puts on 200 toxins by 9am.  From hormone disruptors, liver and kidney damaging carcinogens, to chemicals that affect our lungs and blood, the onslaught is daily and creates what is known as a body burden which ages us beyond our years.  

The average corporation doesn’t care about your health or well-being, they want profits.  My motto is Planet first (without mother earth we have no home) People & all other Animals next, then profit.  I sleep well at night and hope that you do as well.

All products in this line are fully vetted, certified organic & wildcrafted, made fresh in small batches to order so they are pure and potent when you get them.

If you are looking for a business opportunity and passionate about helping people detox their daily lives and saving the planet, there are sponsorship opportunities!  Reach out and I am happy to help answer any questions you have about products or becoming a Brand Partner.

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