LumaSoothe Pulse Light Therapy -At Home Tool

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Many pets come to me twice a week or weekly. I use light therapy every day in my practice and wanted something both effective and affordable that I could recommend for at home use. LumaSoothe is a very powerful product that I also employ in my practice that is a veterinarian-recommended product to help with pain and healing in between scheduled therapy. Light therapy provides accelerated tissue repair, accelerated cellular growth, encouraging the mitochondria, faster wound healing, chronic pain relief and improved nerve function, is anti-inflammatory. It comes with two treatment heads; one for deep tissue/tendon and one for topical/wound/post-surgical/hotspots healing. LumaSoothe helps to relieve pain from:

Hip Dysplasia
Bursitis & Tendonitis
Cervical & Lumbar Spine

Additionally, LumaSoothe comes with a second treatment head for topical issues such as:
Post-Surgical & Injury/Wounds
Topical Infections
Dermatitis, Hot Spots, Mange
Promotes Hair Regrowth

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